Let’s get this party started!

I wish I already wrote something to break the ice… Oh, there it is, I did that!

Welcome! Let me briefly introduce myself: I am a simple metal head who got a little bit weary about the fact, that one have to do some serious browsing  in search for metal related events in Lausanne and neighbourhood. The idea of creating this place came to me after sending another “brief newsletter” with info about upcoming concerts to my friends. “Hey, why don’t I put it in a public space?” I thought. “Maybe there are more people looking for just one site which would bring most of the information together?” I thought. “What if they are also looking for some more details? Like for example a brief description of performing bands?” I thought as well. So here we are.

From now on, I will present on this site all metal and rock related events that I found in Lausanne and area. Here you can read all summarised information that I gathered by checking websites of the clubs, reading tour announcements and following metalgigs.ch site (which is great!).

Welcome again and let me be your guide…