1.03.2018 Lausanne Le Bleu Lezard

Hey, do you know about Greenfield festival? You know… this event with bunch of swiss (mostly) metalheads having fun? The lineup is actually done, BUT we can still enjoy some uncertainty here… Every year hundreds of bands are applying for an opportunity to give a gig at Greenfield festival and this Thursday (1.03.2018) we can enjoy the last competition between three (out of six) bands which made their way to the final. Uuuu, exciting! Let me briefly introduce you to them.

Band #1: Peace is Just a Break

A band from Lausanne created in 2011. They released their debut album “Little Boy” last year and now you can download it for free here: http://www.pijab.ninja/littleboy/ ! Awesome! If you do not feel like downloading the whole album, here you have a small sample of their juicy melodic death metal. You can also enjoy the story about Starman’s epic adventures by watching this music video:


Band #2: Circle of Execution

This band was created in 2006 in Monthey by three 15 years old boys. In 2014 they released their first EP “Escape the Plan” and now they will compete for the Greenfield Festival gig. They grew up so fast… and who said teenagers dreams don’t come true!? Just look at them now performing their nice metalcore music:


Band #3: The Trap

Now we are going to slow down the tempo with this group from Geneve. The Trap is making some good garage rock music since 2010. They released two albums up to now: “The Trap is Set!” in 2013 and “The Trap Feel Good!” just last year. I encourage you to give a look on this music video from their first album:


It is going to be very exciting evening! May the odds be in your favour!

With love,




March 2018

Hey hey hey!

Before I start listing upcoming events I would like to make two comments.

First, I wanted to share my deep admiration for Exarsis gig on 22nd of February. Of course, Terrorizer and Nile nailed their performances but since I was expecting them to do so, so it was Exarsis who won my favour. I personally really like when a band is enjoying themselves on the stage, when they do not only play their music but also jump, dance and headbang along with the audience. In my opinion, this changes the whole atmosphere of the concert and relation between viewers and performers is more relaxed. It gives you the feeling that you are all sharing a good time here and this gig is not another day at work for musicians but truly a pleasure. Of course, I understand that not all of the instruments would allow you to do some free running around the stage and not all of the songs are fast enough to headbang and jump, but still, I am personally very fond of this kind of performances. Exarsis did a lot of that and the energy they had on the stage was infectious. I was also very impressed by their hair waving everywhere due to their jumping and running around and seriously – there is a lot of to admire…


Magnificent hair of the Exarsis bassist Chris Poulos. How don’t they entangle with the guitar strings?

Second comment regards this blog’s structure. I am afraid that current form is a little bit too confusing so I want to try something new. I shall call March “a month of experimenting”. The idea is the following: I will list here all of the March concerts and describe some of them separately in the posts which will follow. Separately, one event – one post. This means much more posts but they will be much shorter. Hopefully this will make the navigation through the gigs more clear. At that point I would like to apologize to all my imaginary (yes, I know) readers for possible confusion.

Finally, the promised list of the gigs:

, Le Bleu Lezard: Peace is Just a Break, Circle of Execution, The Trap [death metal, metalcore, rock] event info
Geneve, Bar in Grad: Strunk, Damn Givers [rock, punk] event info
Neuchatel, Case a Chocs: Rhumpage, Papertank [death metal, post punk] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Slimy Slugs, Don’t Kill the Cow, Stoneforge, White Crow, AnotherOx, No Roots, Esc Brogh’n [rock, fusion rock, metal] event info
Lausanne, Le Bleu Lezard: Way of Changes, Peace is just a Break, Life’s December, Mycelia [death metal, progressive metal, deathcore] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Unholy Pagoda [rock, punk] event info
Lausanne, Le Bleu Lezard: Justin Sullivan (New Model Army) [rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: J.C. Satan, Papaya Fuzz [garage rock] event info
Geneve, Pavilon Bleu: Woven Skull [psych rock] event info
Geneve, Bar in Grad: Stoneforge, Who’s your Daddy [stoned blues, metal] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Snurfu, Eagle Keys [rock, garage, rock’n’roll] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Redemptus, Cruelist [post metal, hardcore] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: The Trap [rock] event info
Neuchatel, Case a Chocs: Frustration, Cannibale, Duck Duck Grey Duck [garage, punk, rock] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Ancst, Charlene Beretah [black metal, sludge] event info
, Post Tenebras Rock: Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red, Whitechapel, In Hearts Wake [death metal, hardcore] event info
, Undertown: Myrath, Manigance [progressive oriental metal, power metal] event info
La Sarraz, La Bille: Age of Collision, Facing the Enemy [metalcore, hardcore] event info
Geneve, La Reliure: Stereocilia [drone, post rock] event info
Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Avatar, Old Kerry McKee, Hellzapoppin [death metal, blues, rock] event info
, Rocking Chair: Betraying the Martyrs, Modern Day Babylon, From Sorrow to Serenity, AM:PM [symphonic metalcore, instrumental metal, melodic death metal] event info
Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Paye Ton Rock Festival – numerous bands [various music styles ranging from stoner metal to alt’pop] event info
La Sarraz, La Bille: AM:PM, Deus ex Machina, Peace is Just a Break [melodic death metal] event info

, Le Nouveau Monde: The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, The Last Moan [garage rock] event info
Nauchatel, Queen Kong Club: Blind Slavery, Battle Tales, Charlene Beretah [folk metal, doom metal] event info

March will be hell of a month! I really hope I will be able to describe at least half of the events on time… And if I do and you follow my blog, you are going to receive a lot of messages soon. Lets give it a try.

With love,



February 2/2

Finally, the end of the month!

I am going to describe here only 3 events but they are quite intense. Especially the last one, which is my personal number one. It was a long time since I enjoyed some nice death metal gig (well, maybe a month…) so I am really looking forward for this event!

Last three events of February are the following:

23.02 Geneve – At the Drive-In, Death From Above, Le Butcherettes
26.02 Vevey – Korpiklaani, Heidevolk, Trollfest, Hypocras
27.02 Geneve – Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia

23rd of February

Geneve, L’Usine

This evening will be filled with post punk and garage rock live music, here you can check out more details about this event: post punk


All three performing bands are from New World, long way home for them… At the Drive In are from the US, Death from Above are Canadian and Le Butcherettes are from Mexico.

At the Drive In was formed in Texas in 1994 and their music style can be described as post hardcore and art punk. Art punk sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Anyway, they decided to split one year after releasing their third album in 2000. Then, they reunited just to split again some time later. Luckily they reunited recently one more time and released their forth album “Inter alia” just last year. I guess relation status of this band is complicated…  Here you have one of the music videos promoting their newest album:

Another band performing that evening is Death from Above – a Canadian duet performing synth rock and dance punk.  Up to now they released three albums and currently they are on the tour “Outrage! Is now”. Here you can see their newest single:

Third band, Le Butcherettes was  formed in 2007 by the very charismatic vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender. And yes, her stage name is related to her performances, which are often referring to the role of a woman as a servant or even a slave of men. She is truly rebellious and her music represents it. On the video below you can see her performance in a bloody apron.

26th of February

Vevey, Rocking Chair

I always wanted to see Korpiklaani live but I never had an opportunity, until now. So this gig is a “must go” for me! Beside Korpiklaani, three other bands will perform in Vevey:  Hypocras, Heidevolk and Trollfest. Follow this link if you want to know more: Folk metal

Korpiklaani is a very well known Finnish band. At the beginning in 1993 Jonne Jarvela created a folk band called “Shaman Duo”. After releasing their first album, the band changed their name to simple “Shaman” where more metal music elements were added, like for example growling. Finally, the band evolved into Korpiklaani in 2003 and stayed like that until now. Every time the name of the band changed, music became more and more metal. Now Jonne describes their style as old people’s music with heavy metal guitars and this actually makes me wonder what old people in Finland are listening to… I mean, just listen to this song which promoting their last album Noita:

Another band which will perform in Vevey that evening is the Dutch group Heidevolk. They were formed in 2002 and until now they released 6 albums. Their compositions are strongly inspired by Germanic mythology,  which is not really unusual feature among the folk and viking metal groups… Here is a song from their newest album, just give it a try:

Last Scandinavian band playing that evening is Norwegian Trollfest, or actually TrollfesT. They released their first album in 2005 and since then they fathered eleven albums, including one demo. They are for sure outstanding folk metal band. First of all, sometimes they implement some “exotic” instruments, like saxophone or accordion into their music. Second of all, as for a folk metal group, a lot of their music videos were shot not in the forest… They are also known for their particular sense of humour which one can enjoy by watching their music videos. They released their newest album in 2017 so I guess we can expect a lot of new songs during their gig. For example this one:

And the only not Scandinavian band which will perform during that evening is the Swiss group Hypocras. They exist since 2005 and released 3 albums. They just came back from Japan Tour with Eluveitie so they are on fire!

27th of February

Geneve, L’Usine

This kicking ass death metal event in Geneve is my second “must go” on this list. Beside Cannibal Corpse there will be The Black Dahlia Murder and In Arkadia playing! I just can’t wait for it! If you want to know more, check this out: death metal

Cannibal Corpse was formed in Florida in 1988 and they stay active since then –  14 albums, including the newest one “Red before black” from last year, are the proof. They are very popular and at the same time quite scandalous. They are strongly inspired by horror always balancing on the thin line between disgust and fascination. Well, sometimes being more disgusting than fascinating – they were banned from performing in some countries because of their disturbing lyrics or album covers… Oh well, art. Their new album is really awesome, check out this song:

Another performing band, Black Dahlia Murder is also from US, to be more specific from Michigan and they exist since 2001. They have 8 albums and the last one was released in October 2017, so it is very fresh. Their music style is described as melodic death metal or simply death metal. Check out this music video promoting “Nightbringers” their newest album.

And the last band is In Arkadia which was formed in France in 2005. Their music style can be described as death metal, thrash metal or deathcore. They have five albums and they announced the release of the sixth one “Lions” in actually few days! Here you have their newest single:


I guess that is all for February… Soon I’ll update you about events in March, until then I hope you can pick something for yourself.

With love,


February 1.5/2

Welcome to a more exciting part of the month!

Before I start an actual newsletter I just want to briefly mention Kvelertaks performance in Vevey on 8th of February: it was mind blowing madness! They are crazily good and vigorous live! I think everyone from the audience was enjoying the show as it was visible from the mosh pit which got out of control a few times (yeah!). Crowdsurfing frequently happened as well, to band members too… while singing and playing… Seriously, if you’ll ever have an opportunity to see them live, just go for it. It has earned the Amazing Live Performance Certificate of Turbogroupie.


Maybe they will be and little bit late and make you wait for the show, but one does not simply stuff a bird with his own head… Kvelertak, Vevey 8.02.18

Now, lets go back to business. I managed to find 6 events and two of them are again overlapping. Well, life is an art of choice they say…

Brief list of gigs:
14.02 Lausanne – The Titty Twister
22.02 Neuchatel – Oregon Trail, Closet Disco Queen
22.02 Geneve – Nile, Terrorizer, Exarsis
23.02 Geneve – At the Drive-In, Death From Above 1979, Le Butcherettes
26.02 Vevey – Korpiklaani, Arkona, Heidevolk, Trollfest
27.02 Geneve – Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia

As you see it is quite a lot of events. That is why I decided to split this newsletter into two parts, otherwise it would be a REALLY long post. So here I will cover gigs in Lausanne on 14.02 and in Neuchatel and Geneve on 22.02. Next three events will be described in the next post as soon as possible.

Aright, here we go!

14th of February

Lausanne, Bleu Lezard

Do you have plans for Valentines day? No? Why don’t you bring yourself to Bleu Lezard in Lausanne? And if you have a date, bring it also – it is going to be the classic rock evening suitable for almost everything! Check it out with this link – classic rock.
Bleu Lezard will host again The Titty Twister, Swiss band composed of musicians from very popular post rock band Monkey3 and psychedelic rock band Ritual Boogie. The Titty Twister is playing classic pieces, which most of us enjoy so it can be a lot of fun.

22nd of February

At this point one has to make choice – hardcore and instrumental event in Neuchatel or death/thrash metal in Geveve…

Neuchatel, Case a Chocs

Neuchatel will host two Swiss bands on 22nd of February – Oregon Trail and Closet Disco Queen. Here you have a link to this event – hardcore gigs.

Oregon Trail was actually formed in Neuchatel in 2011. So practically they are going to play at home. They recently released their new modern hardcore album ‘h/aven’. Check out the music video promoting this album:

Second band is also Swiss. Closet Disco Queen are a duet, which plays very pleasant instrumental heavy-rock and psychedelic rock. Just have a look at this music video from their debut album. Isn’t it kinda trippy?

Geneve, l’Usine

At the same evening l’Usine in Geneve is organising thrash/death metal event which is a part of ‘What should not be unearthed part III’ tour. Check it out here: Nile and other bands. You will be able to see live three bands – two American bands Nile and Terrorizer and Greek group Exarsis. 

Nile was formed in 1993 and since then they were strongly inspired by the mythology of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Yup, now you know where did their name come from. Their style may be described as brutal death metal or technical death metal. During their career they contributed a lot to development of death metal music in general – they released 8 albums and 2 mini albums until now. I am sure their show will be great!

Second band, Terrorizer, was formed in 1986. But don’t worry if you have never heard of them before and you want to quickly catch up with their music. At some point during their career they decided to take a short break – around 15 years – so in the end they released 3 albums. This is a very good example of investing more effort in the quality than quantity. Their first album is considered as one of the most influential grindcore albums ever! Here you have one song from exactly this album:

The last band which will perform this evening is very young compare to the two previous bands. Exarsis was formed in Greece in 2009 and until now they recorded 5 albums inducing demo. They are strongly influenced by old school thrash and you can really hear it, just check it out:


That is all for now, I hope you can pick something for yourself and soon I will post the last part of the newsletter for February.

With love,


February 1/2

Hey hey hey! Here we go with the first short newsletter!

I was able to track only four events which would take place in the first two weeks of February. This is not much let me tell you… But don’t worry, I promise you a much more exciting second part of the month!

I will only briefly mention the first event. Setting this blog up took a little bit longer than I expected and I didn’t make it on time to make this announcement… My most sincere potatologies. On the 3rd of February Lausanne was hosting German band Accept and Night Demon from US in Les Docks. Both bands are heavy metal oriented. I wish I could mention about their performance before they actually gave a gig.

Anyway, lets go back to the future (pun intended).

8th of February

I found two nice events on that day. One in Lausanne and one in Vevey.

Lausanne, Les Romandie

There is an event with two bands: Belgian Brutus and and Swiss band Autisti. Here you have a link to the event details: Brutus and Autisti

Brutus has a very nice advantage of having Stefanie Mannaert on drums and vocals – at the same time! There are plenty of bands where vocalist also plays guitar but drums and (leading and pretty much only) vocal combo is rather unique. Unique like the band itself. They mix hardcore, punk and some elements of metal and who knows what else. Really good combination, energy radiates from the speakers when you listen to them. I mean, look at this video and judge for yourself. Look at it and ask yourself how cool is Stefanie. I think she is amazing.

Autisti is a Swiss band and they perform on the same evening. They played in Lausanne already at least twice on different occasions. Their music gives you this nice 90s nostalgia feeling. They sound very raw, grunge and sometimes they are drawing very close to noise. Here, give it a go:


Vevey, Rocking Chair

As I mentioned before, at the same time we have another event in very cute and cosy club in Vevey named Rocking Chair. This event is more punk oriented than the event in Lausanne, however, pure metal-heads should also enjoy it since all of the performing bands implement a lot of metal elements in their music. Here you have a link to the event: Kvelertak and more

In Rocking Chair you will have an opportunity to listen to three bands. Kvelertak from Norway and two support bands – also Norwegian NAG and Swiss Impure Wilhelmina.

Lets start from the main star of the evening. Kvelertak was formed in 2007 and since then their music was influenced strongly by black metal (of course, they are from Norway after all), punk rock and… rock and roll. This mixture results in black’n’roll and hardcore punk combined together… Complicated? Weird? Maybe, but it really goes well together!

Second band made out of Vikings that we will be able to see that evening is NAG. Their music is much more energetic, faster and aggressive than other bands performing that night. They are more punk and crust oriented but still keeps some metal elements in their music. I expect some proper mosh pit under the stage during their performance!

Another support band is Swiss band holding the lovely name of Impure Wilhelmina. Band was created in 1996 and this means that we can observe some part of the audience which is actually younger than this band. Wow, keep this good job gents! Their music style could be described as punk, post hardcore and rock. Here you have a sample:


12 of February

Geneva, l’Usine

That day you can join this punk event: punk event

There are three bands performing that evening, two more punk oriented – Stupid Karate and Wrensh and one band playing more metal music – Versus. They are all French, although Versus is French/Swiss.

Stupid Karate is rather short but intense entry in music. They gave their first show in 2016 and according to their Facebook post, soon they will finish their activity since one of the group members is leaving the country. So if you want to see them live, now is the time. They describe themselves as “just four dudes playing fast songs”. Fair enough, fair enough.

Wrensh is another French band which will perform that evening. All I can say here is punk, punk, punk and one more time punk. Just don’t confuse it with Wrench which is completely different band.

The last band I am going to present here is actually the most metal among all of the bands which will perform that day in Geneva. Versus is actually quite crusty and hardcore. They are very fast, very intense and aggressive, which is just excellent!


I hope you can pick something for yourself and enjoy some good live music within the next two weeks! Soon I will post an update about second part of the month which will be pretty intense, beware!


with love,