March 2018

Hey hey hey!

Before I start listing upcoming events I would like to make two comments.

First, I wanted to share my deep admiration for Exarsis gig on 22nd of February. Of course, Terrorizer and Nile nailed their performances but since I was expecting them to do so, so it was Exarsis who won my favour. I personally really like when a band is enjoying themselves on the stage, when they do not only play their music but also jump, dance and headbang along with the audience. In my opinion, this changes the whole atmosphere of the concert and relation between viewers and performers is more relaxed. It gives you the feeling that you are all sharing a good time here and this gig is not another day at work for musicians but truly a pleasure. Of course, I understand that not all of the instruments would allow you to do some free running around the stage and not all of the songs are fast enough to headbang and jump, but still, I am personally very fond of this kind of performances. Exarsis did a lot of that and the energy they had on the stage was infectious. I was also very impressed by their hair waving everywhere due to their jumping and running around and seriously – there is a lot of to admire…


Magnificent hair of the Exarsis bassist Chris Poulos. How don’t they entangle with the guitar strings?

Second comment regards this blog’s structure. I am afraid that current form is a little bit too confusing so I want to try something new. I shall call March “a month of experimenting”. The idea is the following: I will list here all of the March concerts and describe some of them separately in the posts which will follow. Separately, one event – one post. This means much more posts but they will be much shorter. Hopefully this will make the navigation through the gigs more clear. At that point I would like to apologize to all my imaginary (yes, I know) readers for possible confusion.

Finally, the promised list of the gigs:

, Le Bleu Lezard: Peace is Just a Break, Circle of Execution, The Trap [death metal, metalcore, rock] event info
Geneve, Bar in Grad: Strunk, Damn Givers [rock, punk] event info
Neuchatel, Case a Chocs: Rhumpage, Papertank [death metal, post punk] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Slimy Slugs, Don’t Kill the Cow, Stoneforge, White Crow, AnotherOx, No Roots, Esc Brogh’n [rock, fusion rock, metal] event info
Lausanne, Le Bleu Lezard: Way of Changes, Peace is just a Break, Life’s December, Mycelia [death metal, progressive metal, deathcore] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Unholy Pagoda [rock, punk] event info
Lausanne, Le Bleu Lezard: Justin Sullivan (New Model Army) [rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: J.C. Satan, Papaya Fuzz [garage rock] event info
Geneve, Pavilon Bleu: Woven Skull [psych rock] event info
Geneve, Bar in Grad: Stoneforge, Who’s your Daddy [stoned blues, metal] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: Snurfu, Eagle Keys [rock, garage, rock’n’roll] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Redemptus, Cruelist [post metal, hardcore] event info
Geneve, Le Buffon de la Taverne: The Trap [rock] event info
Neuchatel, Case a Chocs: Frustration, Cannibale, Duck Duck Grey Duck [garage, punk, rock] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Ancst, Charlene Beretah [black metal, sludge] event info
, Post Tenebras Rock: Heaven Shall Burn, August Burns Red, Whitechapel, In Hearts Wake [death metal, hardcore] event info
, Undertown: Myrath, Manigance [progressive oriental metal, power metal] event info
La Sarraz, La Bille: Age of Collision, Facing the Enemy [metalcore, hardcore] event info
Geneve, La Reliure: Stereocilia [drone, post rock] event info
Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Avatar, Old Kerry McKee, Hellzapoppin [death metal, blues, rock] event info
, Rocking Chair: Betraying the Martyrs, Modern Day Babylon, From Sorrow to Serenity, AM:PM [symphonic metalcore, instrumental metal, melodic death metal] event info
Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Paye Ton Rock Festival – numerous bands [various music styles ranging from stoner metal to alt’pop] event info
La Sarraz, La Bille: AM:PM, Deus ex Machina, Peace is Just a Break [melodic death metal] event info

, Le Nouveau Monde: The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, The Last Moan [garage rock] event info
Nauchatel, Queen Kong Club: Blind Slavery, Battle Tales, Charlene Beretah [folk metal, doom metal] event info

March will be hell of a month! I really hope I will be able to describe at least half of the events on time… And if I do and you follow my blog, you are going to receive a lot of messages soon. Lets give it a try.

With love,




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