Eggs of Gomorrh


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Eggs of Gomorrh

Genre: Black metal, death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2008
Connections: Murge, Horrocious, Supayniyux
Current members:
Goatperv_ – Drums
B.N.G.V – Vocals
J. FHRR – Guitars

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: Eggs of Gomorrh were founded in 2008 by two guys who had a mission – putting their insane and aggressive visions into the music. The name of the band gives you an idea of what to expect. As they say – eggs are a symbol of something new, birth and a new beginning. Gomorrh stands for twisted and dirty perversion, and that is exactly what you get from them.

In 2011, guys from EoG recorded their first demo “Rot Prophet”, and they did everything themselves! They did the recording, mixing, compressing and what not in a storage unit, 4 floors below the ground level (that’s what I call an underground band!). Musicians from Eggs of Gomorrh themselves were not entirely happy with the quality of the obtained product so finally in 2016 they released their debut album, which contains some improved compositions from the demo, but recorded with much better quality. The name of the debut album is also “Rot Prophet” because not only the lyrical concept is the same, but it serves as some sort of extension of the demo as well.


Three guys, one mayhem.

“Rot Prophet” is the kind of an album that will knock your socks off. It’s very brutal, very raw and very sick. The tempo is insane and the vocals are extremely violent, as proper brutal black metal should be. If you have problems with understanding the lyrics, this album describes mainly the apocalyptic word where all sorts of deviations are taking place. You can expose yourself to the vision of the word where things like drowning, tortures, madness, acts of vulgar and blasphemous sex with other lovely things are being performed, just before the whole word goes down and finally finds a sweet release in the inevitable death. You may think that this is just thoughtless dazzling with violence, but there is a mission in this madness The goal of the EoG is to force their audience to listen about dreadful cruelty, since in real life people usually ignore and just look away from any kind of atrocity that makes them feel uneasy. Their music should be treated as a punishment and a catharsis at the sametime.

Eggs of Gomorrh music is being strongly inspired by 90’s Parisian satanic black and death metal performed by, for example, Antaeus. You can also hear influences of Arkhon Infaustus, Eternal Majesty, Hell Militia, Conqueror and Sarcofago.  Here, have a taste of it by listening to this insane track:

And now, behold! Eggs of Gomorrh is working on new material now! A new EP “Outpregnate” is going to be released very soon, and a work on another full length album is in progress. Stay tuned if you crave for more mind blowing beastliness!

Since 2008 band has evolved and the line-up had changed few times, but the core concept of EoG stayed always the same – smash the listener with their brutal and insane art. Now EoG is a quartet but they make even more noise than a horde of furious savages and gigs are even more impressive. EoG is trying to play live regularly and so far they were sharing the stage with, for example, Grave Descrator, Atomic Aggressor, Diabolic Messiah, Volcano, Archgoat, Bolzer and Sadistic Intent. Their music shows are being just a display of sick hate and relentless violence. They do not waste their time with talking with the audience. They enter the stage, invoke chaos with their brutal music and finish, leaving speechless people who don’t know what the hell did just happen. In their own words: “playing live would be one of the most important things: make yourself heard and cover the audience with blood and filth“.

If you feel like taking a bath in all the imaginable horrors delivered by the EoG sick compositions, you will have a chance to do it very soon. On 30th of June in Ecurie in Geneve, EoG will celebrate their 10th anniversary by playing a special gig along with Supayniyux and Nansis. Come and surrender to the overwhelming chaos!


Initiating blood coverage procedure…



July and August 2018


Going to a metal festival be like…

Embrace this summer and its blessings with the open air events!

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Cafethanol [atmospheric rock] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Megadeath [heavy metal, thrash metal] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: What Aleph Said [post rock] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Joey Molinaro [rock] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Monarch!, Birushanah [doom, drone] event info
Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Iggy Pop, The Vaccines [rock] event info

Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: The Temperance Movement, Deep Purple [rock, hard rock] event info

Geneve, Makhno: The Rumpled [celtic folk] event info
Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Billy Idol, Hollywood Vampires, Igorrr, Zeal & Ardor, Gojira [rock, hard rock, experimental, progressive death metal, black metal] event info

Avully, Gena Festival: various blues and rock bands event info
Geneve, Festival Châto-Bruyant: Misty Bliss, The Sagans [rock] event info

Avully, Gena Festival: various blues and rock bands event info

Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Queens of the Stone Age, The Last Internationalle [stoner, alternative rock] event info

Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Nine Inch Nails [industrial metal] event info

Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Jack White [rock, blues] event info
Lausanne, Festival de la Cite: The Deadline Experience, Suuns [rock psychedelic, rock] event info

Lausanne, Festival de la Cite: Horizon Liquide [electro rock] event info

Montreux, Montreux Jazz Festival: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds [post punk, rock] event info
Lausanne, Festival de la Cite: Kakothanasy, Bombers [brutal death metal, rock] event info
Lausanne, Speedgore: Trepanatiön, Drozers, Big-tony, Skat Injector, MULK, Dj Speakterror [crust, speedcore] event info

Lausanne, Festival de la Cite: Schnellertollermeier [experimental rock] event info

Lausanne, Festival de la Cite: Sons of Raphael [space rock] event info

Lausanne, Disc a Brac: Anarchronism release party [progressive death metal] event info

Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Paramount – Nirvana covers [grunge rock] event info

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, Sunset Bar: Progstone [stoner rock, grunge rock] event info

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Yverdon les Bains, Antidote Festival: Another’Ox, Rebel Duck, The Deeds, Nashville Pussy [rock] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Monarch, Birushanah [doom metal] event info
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Sion, Le Port Franc: Sepultura [thrash metal] event info

Le Locle, Rock Altitude: The Black Angels, Metz, Dewolff, Duck Duck Grey Duck, Monument [psychedelic rock, noise rock, blues] event info

Le Locle, Rock Altitude: Seasick Steve, J.C. Satan, Coconut Kings, Virgin Bitch [blues, rock] event info

Le Locle, Rock Altitude: Cannibal Corpse, Betraying the Martyrs, Unsane, Rolo Tomassi, Voice of Ruin, Oregon Trail [brutal death metal, metalcore, hardcore, mathcore, modern death metal] event info
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Le Locle, Rock Altitude: The Soft Moon, Darius [post punk, post rock] event info
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Geneve, Octopode Festival: Enisferum, Samael, AqME, Bak XIII [folk metal, black metal, alternative metal, gothic electro] and more event info
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Geneve, Urgence Disc: Carrote Sanguine [punk] event info

Hauteville, Abbys Festival: Nervosa, Promethee, Emerald and others [thrash metal, metalcore, metal] event info
Vevey, Nox Orae Festival: a lot of interesting performers event info

Hauteville, Abbys Festival: Buried Skies, The Erkonauts, Nostromo and others [metalcore, progressive rock, metal] event info
Vevey, Nox Orae Festival: a lot of interesting performers event info

Iron Maiden Fun Facts

Heavy metal legend is coming to Geneve on 26.06.2018 with their Legacy of the Beast Tour! If you never had an opportunity to see Iron Maiden live, now may be a good moment. British idols will play on 26.06.18 and you can get your tickets for example here.

iron maiden

Iron Maiden exist for already more than 40 years and is still on fire! Just in 2015 they released their 16th studio album “The Book of Souls”, this is hell of a lot material!

To celebrate their arrival, Rocktato prepared 6 (almost number of the Beast) fun facts about this legendary group:

1.Devoted fans

Iron Maiden fans are known to be very loyal and engaged in the band career.  They are also numerous – just Facebook page of Iron Maiden has 13.6 millions of likes! You can compare this number to Switzerland’s population (almost 8.5 millions of people)… Beside that, there are countless fan clubs… If you want to join one, here is a page dedicated to Iron Maiden fans in the french speaking part of Switzerland – Swiss Iron Maiden Fans.
Of course in such a big number of people you will find some very colourful and unique ones, like Marcus Motolo which is a Brazilian priest with more than 170 tattoos dedicated to the band:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania marcos motolo

“And please, let the next gig be in my hometown”

Beside that, at least one kid was named after the band: Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz, which was born to a Bolivian couple last year. There is also one known case of changing the name to Iron Maiden by an adult, which was done by Kalil Silva who introduces himself now as Iron Maiden Kalil Silva. That’s devotion!

2. Plane

Just in case Bruce Dickinson wouldn’t be cool enough, he is also an airline pilot. Buses are too lame, Iron Maiden is using a Boeing 747 for reaching their tour destinations. Of course, it is Bruce who is piloting. The aircraft is called Ed Force One after Eddie – the bands mascot and this is how it looks:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania ed force one

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are now crossing the Empire of the Clouds and may experience some heavy metal turbulences. Please return to drinking your beer and keep head banging. Thank you.”

Staff working as flight attendants have their outfit designed specially so it matches the aircraft paintwork and the band character. How cool is that?!

3. Eddie

Eddie is a well recognised band mascot, which is appearing on the most of the band’s albums. He is keeping the company to the the band since the 80s and after so many years he became one of the most popular metal icons in the world. He was pictured as psychopathic killer, asylum patient after lobotomy, Egyptian pharaoh, cyborg… He proved to be a very versatile object that can fit to any given circumstances. He was pictured by various artists, however the characteristic features of Eddie were never changed.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania eddy iron maiden

One of the most iconic picture of Eddie comes from “The Trooper” from 1983.

More of Eddie’s representations you can find for example here.

4. The Iron Maidens

Most of the popular bands sooner or later are followed by cover bands. These kind of groups are usually formed by fans as a tribute to the musicians. Fan base of Iron Maiden is huge so you can expect proportional number of tribute bands. One of the most popular cover bands for Iron Maiden are Hi-On Maiden, Made In Iron, The Powerslaves, Up The Irons, Prowlers, Iron Maidnem, Iron Maiden Revival and the all-female group The Iron Maidens:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania the iron maidens

Do not Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, bring her to the gig!

So if the original Iron Maiden is far away, just look for these bands, they are also touring here and there. Maybe they will pass by your hometown too.

5. Beer

Most of us like beer. If you are reading this post you probably like metal too. Iron Maiden combined these two elements into pure treasure – Trooper ale:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania trooper beer

Hard rock flavors and heavy metal notes from a unique blend. That’s brewtal!

It was introduced in 2013 and millions of pints of that beverage was bought and consumed pretty much right away. Many different variants of this beer were developed after the initial success so now you can enjoy it in for example porter or Belgian style version. The original ale was rated on 3/5 on (you can check it here) but you can easily find this beverage in many pubs in Switzerland so you can taste and judge it for yourself.

6. Video Games

Making the music, beer and piloting the plane may not be enough from Beasts from the Iron Maiden. Their artistic inspiration found the vent in video games productions too. They released shooter “Ed the Hunter” in 1999 and 8-bit climb-n-dodge “Speed of Light” in 2015. Both are arcade style games and you can try the latter one for free HERE, which I strongly recommend because it’s just pure fun. In 2016 they released another game named “Legacy of the Beast” which is RPG type of game. To no surprise, Eddie is the main character in all cases. Here you can watch the gameplay trailer of “Legacy of the Beast”:


Now you can wait for their gig playing the game with a Trooper on your side!


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