smegmananas logoGenre: Deathcore
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2015
Connections: Everyone is too ashamed of admitting any connections with Smegmananass
Current members:
Negrolapse – Vocals
Rot Magnus – Guitar, Vocals
Cyriphilis – Drums
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I never thought that after hearing about Rectal Smegma I would be surprised with a band name again. But here it is – Smegmananass… another proud member of the VIP Smegma Club, which is already hosting Wall of Smegma, Smegma & the Nuts, Mega Smegma, Shower of Smegma, Skadelic Smegma and Smegma. There, did I forget someone? Try to surprise me now, sons of the gun! Now, before you read further, I think you should drink some alcohol. Getting in tune with this band is much better while tipsy.

Smegmananass comes from the fusion of three, seemingly random words – ass, ananas and of course smegma. Only chosen people of twisted minds can see an obvious link between them. Since I don’t have adequate genitals and know nothing about smegma, I clearly missed the point. No regrets. When I asked for details about the origin of the Smegananass name, I received some puzzling explanation involving the elements of life, mysticism and human digestive system. I am lowly one, I can’t comprehend this wisdom. I may be not drunk enough yet.

The thing about this band is that you should not treat it seriously. This is a parody project so you should approach it with distance and low expectations. I actually understand the need of this kind of bands – they vent a little bit this solemnity and seriousness of metal, that has the tendency to be overstated sometimes… There are already plenty of parody metal bands, like Ultra Vomit, Psychostick or Austrian Death Machine. Smegmananass is not a new thing; however, unlike the other bands, they are really taking care to stay anonymous. On the stage they wear silly covering outfits that mask their faces and distract the audience from their actual look (and music). I say it’s because they want to keep their fetish secret, they say it’s because they’re ugly as fuck. I think we can both be right.

rocktato sm

Oh yes, you look much better now.

The lyrical concept oscillates around sex and porn with some small references to diary products, like yoghurt. Their lyrics could be witty and saucy if only they were not completely incompressible gibberish most of the time… Still, on their EP “Smegmaddic” from 2016, you can listen to a few songs with an interesting message. “Une Expérience Particulière” is about doing someone else’s grandmother. I will let you discover yourself other meaningful compositions like “Nose in the Ass” or “Puke Jam Fucker”. Here you can listen to “Pineapple Lover Boy”:

It’s weird to admit it, but you can actually hear the excellent harmony between the Smegmananass guys, they obviously have fun while working together. The atmosphere of absurd and frivolous humour is contagious and there is hardly any chance to at least not smile. If you put aside all of the ridicules, you can really enjoy the music along with the excellent vocals, mastering the instruments and… oh my, what is that? Do I really tap my foot to this song now..?

Regardless the apparent fastidiousness and lack of self-control, this is not a random project. It consist of people who definitely know how to make music and they simply use their skills to make something different now. The aim is to make people laugh and wind out the gravity of metal music. It’s like a medicine that goes really well with alcohol. I don’t know if that’s because of my beer, but it definitely worked on me! Given the outfits, awesome chemistry between the band members and a lot of comical content in their work, I bet their gigs are insane. You will have an opportunity to see it for yourself on the CrabCore Fest! I personally can’t wait…





Genre: Demurge2ath metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2017
Connections: Tzitzimime, Nansis, Agonir, Sedative, Gronde, Incrüst, Darkrise, Mathilde, Norvhar
Current members:
Alessia – vocals
Nico – guitar
Chamo – guitar
Yannick – bass
Axel – drums

Murge Facebook
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Bio: I am truly happy to present you a new find that has very recently emerged from the dust and the shadow of Geneva city. This is a very fresh project that has dragged my attention just by an accident when I stumbled across one of their YT video, and let me tell you, this piece completely blown me away! But let’s start from the beginning…

Don’t get the wrong impression, even though this band is relatively new, it consists from the very experienced musicians who used to play in many different bands before. In fact, some of them are still keeping their other projects active and you can check them out by looking at the “Connections” list that you can find above. They started composing and playing together in 2016 and all they missed back then, was a vocalist for which they were intensively looking. In 2017 they found a true gem! It was when Alessia Mercado came to the audition and unleashed her vocal skills on the rest of the band. It was a moment when Murge gained and an excellent vocalist that perfectly meets the band’s profile. Jackpot!

That was a kick off moment for the group, they finally started to perform live and record some of their compositions. It went really fast! These guys are super focused and they know what they want and how to get it. They already shared the stage with Exodus and Cryptopsy – such an impressive progress for a band that’s around for less than two years! Here you can see the music video recorded on one of their gigs, this is also the one that I mentioned at the beginning:

The lyrics are written by Alessia. She doesn’t have any general concept before. What she does, is listening to the ready instrumental parts and then writing the lyrics, which were inspired by it. Music of Murge is strongly influenced by the bands like Deeds of Flesh, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation and Suffocation. No surprise, that Alessia is often composing her songs about the killers, decay and gloomy places, that you don’t wish to visit.

murge 1

But you should definitely visit the venues with their gigs.

I find quite important to mention the origin of the name. If you don’t know french very well, like me, you may not know what murge means. This word is used to describe a process of getting drunk in an extreme way until the black out. Murge makes your whole body ache on the next day. Since all of the band members love beer, vine and other alcoholic beverages as well as partying hard and enjoying the life in “there is no tomorrow” way, they found this name to be perfect. Hangover after murge feels like a slap in the face or a tank driving up and down your body. This is the feeling they want to transmit to their audience.

If you like Murge stay tuned because they are going to register their EP at the end of the year. Right now, they are focused on the live shows so you can catch them performing here and there. Feel the urge to follow murge!


broken headGenre: Thrash metal, death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2014
Connections: Stortregn, Prometherion, Versus, Eggs of Gomorrh
Current members:
Manuel Barrios – vocals and guitar
Axel Keith – guitar
Cyril Caillez – bass guitar
Gregor Dupraz – drums

Brokenhead Facebook
Brokenhead Bandcamp

 Bio: Dear thrashers and death metal lovers, this gift straight from Geneva is just for you. Meet Brokenhead – a fine descendants of Testament. They will make you bang your head, dance violently and roar while shaking your fist!

This formation was brought to life in 2010 by Manuel – a vocalist and a guitar player. At that time Brokenhead was the part of the trash revival movement, sort of the second wave of thrash that started in the mid-2000s. Just a few years later, the band changed its character and line-up. Now, the music made under the Brokenhead name is much more melodic and modern with stronger death metal influences. In fact, technically speaking, this is now a completely different band. The name was not changed since the main concept stayed the same – you are going to bang your head until you’ll break it (somehow). Oh, and Manuel also stayed – he is the only original member in the current line up. Brokenhead was reborn into its second and current version in 2014.

broken head2

Too much head banging, this is my life now.

Now, if you are a nerd like me, you can enjoy not only their sharp riffs, fast drums and gruff but still very pleasant to hear vocals, but also nice lyrics that are inspired by dystopia literature. If you are a fan of Orwell’s books or other books describing totalitarian, bureaucratic and toxic society, you should give a chance to Brokenhead and pay attention to their lyrics. Of course, they are also very musically skilled, so you should give them the chance anyway. I doubt you’ll regret it – they are very technical, precise and harmonic. Their music may give you this nostalgic feeling yet it still poses very modern flavour and a lot of flame! There is absolutely nothing to complain about… Here, listen to the random song from their EP:

It was random, because I honestly couldn’t decide which of their songs should I put here, since they are all damn good and their EP “A Prompt and utter destruction” totally kicks ass! I had to roll the die and it chose Chronophobia. This opening track will struck you with the fast tempo, sharp guitars and… very catchy melody. But seriously, I don’t spot any weak moments on this album, so you can pick there a random song and you still should be happy. This gives you an idea of what kind of goodies Brokenhead can offer you…

The guys from Brokenhead were influenced by the different genres of metal, yet they still can understand each other, collaborate and make their awesome music together. They are influenced by Lamb of God, Machine Head, Testament and some technical death metal bands like Obscura or Gorod.

I will finish this post with some awesomely good news. Brokenhead is now working on a full album that will be released somewhere in 2018. Meanwhile they plan some small local gigs, including the upcoming CrabCore Fest in Geneva! Yay! But they still may play here or there, so stay tuned. I will for sure.


Genderivate-logo-image-1000-1000re: Progressive metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2014
Connections: Signs of Misfortune
Current members:
Jeremy Davis – Vocals & Guitar
Théodore Davis – Drums
Alain Chiesa – Bass
Nouchine Etemad – Guitar

Derivate Facebook


Bio: The origins of this formation actually can be found in 2009. Back then, guys from Derivate were making hardcore punk music under the name Signs of Misfortune. They were doing quite well, gathering some recognition and appreciation from the audience. But after five years they realized that they want to move further and try something new. Something that will allow them to truly spread their wings and perform at the highest possible level. In 2014, the group was reborn again as the progressive metal band Derivate. Personally, I am really grateful for this change, because as you will see, they are totally nailing it!

In their own words, progressive music gives the freedom to the composer like no other genre, everything is allowed. However, there is a price to pay for this freedom. Since you are more free to play outside the boundaries of the song structure or use some unexpected elements here and there, you have to be very focused at keeping your composition as a whole and harmonic piece. This genre is also very technically challenging and forces the performer to work harder and harder. So far, Derivate is doing really well in that matter!

The band is influenced strongly by Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Protest the Hero, Scar Symmetry, Soilwork and Disillusion. You should be also happy with their music if you like Mastodon or Baroness. With this kind of influences, you may expect a lot from their music… To no surprise, up to now their work gathered a lot of praises – brilliant raspy vocals and technical mastering of the instruments blends really well in their nicely harmonic compositions. Here you can enjoy the music video made to one of their songs from their first EP “Derivate”:

If you crave for more, you can find all of the songs from their first EP on the SoundCloud here. The lyrical concept of this album oscillates around the Greek mythology and common motif of anthropomorphism. I strongly recommend spending some time to dwell into this album.


We have to wait for this view a little bit more…

Right now they are busy working on their first full-length album, so gigs have to wait… But this still makes me happy – it means there will be more of Derivate music out there to listen! You can follow the process of the creation on Twitch, You Tube or SoundCloud. I suggest to keep an eye on this band, these guys have a lot of potential and I am sure they will be delivering a lot of good stuff!