The Erkonauts

erkonautsGenre: Progressive metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2014
Connections: Sybreed, Djizoes, Stormfist
Current members:
Ales Campanelli – Bass & Vocals
Los Sebos – Guitars
Fred Di Limoncelli – Guitars
Mathieu Martinazzo – Drums
Erkonauts Facebook
Erkonauts Official Website
Erkonauts BandCamp

Time to talk about another hidden Swiss treasure, that seems to gain a lot of popularity overseas, yet remains quite modestly promoted in their homeland. The Erkonauts toured successfully in USA, China, Japan and East Europe. Reviews of their albums are just soaking with the superlatives and their fans are scattered across the globe. Let’s take a closer look at these guys.

Not so long ago, in 2014, a few guys who used to play in different bands already, decided to do something for fun and started a new project that they would fully enjoy. It seems to work – The Erkonauts turned out to be pretty productive releasing two albums until now: “I did something bad” in 2015 and “I shall forgive” in 2017.  Both of their albums deliver a good piece of progressive metal music, that nicely blends multiple styles yet still remains very firm and complete.

The Erkonauts is supposed to be about touring, gigs, recording and parties. It’s actually hard to believe that, because there is nothing funny about their music. Starting from the lyrics and finishing at the skilful instrument playing, all seems to be too well tuned up to be just for fun. Lyrics are very versatile, well thought and narrate various stories. You can hear some Mayan mythology, story about the fall of Roman Empire or a story about a girl, who went through some serious shit, but it made her even stronger. There are also few songs that are an evidence of a specific kind of humour The Erkonauts have. Titles like “The Great Ass Poopery” or “All Girls Should Die” should be definitely taken with a pinch of salt because these songs turn out to be pretty ironic and surprisingly clever. All this is served with blasting bass riffs, hoarse, yet understandable vocals and catching melodies, that would make you tap your feet and bang your head. After listening to their music myself, I can only join the praising choir of positive reviews:

The Erkonauts are inspired by a whole bunch of bands including Scorpions, Dead Can Dance, Waltari, Def Leppard and also some great Swiss metal bands like Samael or Coroner. This versatile group of bands resounds in their own music, making it entertaining and divergent.

The origin of the band’s name is also worth to mention. It comes from the Erkonos – an intriguing alien that is in the logo of this band. It travels around the world and The Erkonauts keep him company in this peregrination… At least they did, until they dissected him. You can familiarise yourself with this imaginary friend’s detailed anatomy on the cover of the “I Shall Forgive” album. I can fully refer to this idea, after all, I chose a potato for my logo and mascot.


Perhaps Erkonos would forgive, but now he doesn’t have the guts to speak again.

The Erkonauts are on fire now! They think about having another album and for the last few months they had several gigs. Their songs are made to be played live, see it for yourself on the CrabCore Fest – they are a headliner!

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