October events


In the merciless North, lamb sacrifices you.

Nights after the equinox become longer and longer. Enjoy the atmosphere and awesome gigs that await you!

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Stony Sugarskull [psychedelic goth] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Tragical History Tour [folk punk] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Niege Morte, Euglena [black metal] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Far from Alaska, Ripstone [rock] event info

Lausanne, Bleu Lezard: The Doors Revival [rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: Part Chimp Orso [rock, noise rock] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé: Bleed Again, Monsutā [metal, nu-metal] event info

Vevey, Rocking Chair: The Soft Moon, Veil of Light [post punk] event info
Meyrin, Undertown: The Hellfreaks, Komodo 3000, Velvet Fish [punk rock, blues rock] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: The Battle Borns [rock] event info

Montreux, Ned Music Club, Metal Retaliation: AM:PM, Algebra, Norvhar, Battle Tales, Divergency [death metal, thrash metal, folk metal, metalcore] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Ultra Razzia, Tulamort, Sous Escorte [oi punk] event info
Geneve, Salle du Terrau: Provler, Blown, Hope [hardcore] event info
Geneve, ABARC: Back to the Ocean, Buried Skies, Oaxaca, Krown [hardcore, metal core, rock] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Varukers, Coupe-Gorge, Psychropore [punk, punk hardcore] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Leng Tch’e, Kess’khtak, Grilled Flesh Party [grindcore, death metal] event info

Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Conjoctive, Circle of Exectution, Murge, Maestrick [metalcore, death metal, rock progressive] event info

Martigny, Sunset Bar: Nostromo, Ruptured [grindcore, hardcore] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Darjeeling Opium, Angry Sometimes [rock hardcore, punk rock] event info

Martigny, Caves du Manoir: Wo Fat, Sasquatch, Mystic Sons [psychedelic blues doom, stoner metal, stoner rock] event info
Geneve, Undertown: Sargeist, Chaos Invocation, Acrimonious [black metal, death metal] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Desert Mountain Tribe [rock psychedelic] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: Halestorm, Devilskin [hard rock] event info
Lausanne, Theatre 2.21: The Crotals [stoner sludge] event info
Yverdon, L’Amalgame: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paradiso U.F.O, Zayk, Exmoor [rock psychedelic] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: The Fuzztones, The Revox, Les Envahisseurs [garage punk, garage rock] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Ascenders, Bottle Hymn (tribute to Manowar) [heavy rock, heavy metal] event info
St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Vader, Entombed, The Modern Age Slavery, Mortuary [death metal] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Partout Partout, Golden Oriole, Gaute Granli [math rock tribal, electronic indus, noise] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: Off the Wagon [post punk] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Fvss Popvli [psychedelic rock] event info
Yverdon, L’Amalgame: The Young Gods, Emilie Zoe [rock] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Killing Joke, Turbowolf [post punk, industrial rock, hard rock] event info

Friebourg, Le Nouveau Monde: Reaptile, Invouta, Falcifer, Buryme [sludge, doom, drone] event info
St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Forgotten Tomb, The Abbys Order, Serpens Lumnis [black metal, doom metal] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Chaoseum, November 7, Dead Dog Cafe [metalcore, indus metal] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Silly Walk [punk rock] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: II [dark wave] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Mini-Jupe, The Nurse and the Six Burns [noise rock, rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: Bambara, Grey Lips [post punk, rock] event info

Freiburg, Le Nouveau Monde: The Doorknobs, Slift [rock garage, psychedelia] event info
Yverdon, Citron Masques: Exsom, Ultima Ratio [heavy metal, rock] event info


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