December events


That’s what I call “Rocking around the Christmas tree”…

What would you like to get for Christmas? How about a blue eye from the circle pit?

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde: Triggerfinger, Death by Chocolate [stoner rock] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Slang [rock progressive] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir:  Somnolent Priest [doom, post metal] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Beaver Badger [rock] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne: Dirty Sound Magnet, Rambling Wheels [rock psychedelic, rock] event info
Geneve, ABARC, Death’skalade: LeenC [hip-hop] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir:  Somnolent Priest [doom, post metal] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: The Inspector Cluzo, Hey Satan [blues rock, stoner rock] event info
Neuchatel, Case a Chocs: Rambling Wheels, Dirty Sound Magnet [rock] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: Vague Scare [dark wave] event info
Geneve, Undertown: The Night Flight Orchestra, Black Mirrors, Macakatac [rock] event info
Geneve, ABARC, Death’skalade: BAK XIII, Mandroid from Krypton, Conjonctive [electro punk, metal punk, deathcore] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: Shores of Null, Akshara [doom metal, progressive metal] event info

Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Fullhouse, Stone Eyes [alternative rock, rock blues] event info
La Sarraz, La Bille: Deos, Hypocras [blackened death, Viking metal] event info
Lausanne, The Rockies: Endless Experience, What Aleph Said, Reborn [post rock, rock] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne: Bigbone, Oversight [stoner rock, grunge] event info
Geneve, ABARC, Death’skalade: Alcosynthic, Komatix, Komodo 3000, 11 Louder [punk, oi!, speedrock’n’roll] event info
Geneve, Mr. Pickwick: Black:n:Black [AC/DC covers] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Enlarge Your Monster [desert stoner rock] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Mamoth Mamoth, Mystic Sons, Six Months of Sun [heavy rock, stoner rock] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: La Marmite [rock] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: The Shifoomies Band, And the Killer is [rock’n’roll, stoner] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne, Emergenza Festival: plethora of performers event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Rise of the Northstar, Dope Dod, 1Kub [hip-hop metal, electro metal] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne, Emergenza Festival: plethora of performers event info

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde, House Fest [punk, ska, hadrcore] event info
Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: The Toy Dolls [punk rock] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Sud – Disorder [street punk] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne, Emergenza Festival: plethora of performers event info
Yverdon, L’Amalgame: Hex, Ølten, Chozo [rock industrial, heavy rock, rock experimental] event info

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde, House Fest [punk, ska, hadrcore] event info
Lausanne, Les Docks, MTV Headbangers’s Ball Tour 2018: Exsodus, Sodom, Death Angel, Suicidal Angels [thrash metal] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Promethee, Akshara [hardcore, progressive metal] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne, Emergenza Festival: plethora of performers event infoGeneve, Mr. Pickwick: Ca Va Chier [hard rock covers] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Mini jupe [garage punk minimal] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Los Wavy Gravies [rock’n’roll] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Not Scientists, Lashing Fred, Off the Yard, The PFK [punk, punk rock, hardcore punk] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne: The New Balls [blues rock] event info

Martigny, Sunset Bar: Coke’Tale [hard rock] event info

La Sarraz, La Bille: Convulsif, Inhumane Existence [hardcore] event info
Geneve, Le Bouffon de la Taverne: The One Klaps, Blutbuzz [rock] event info



Gedarkrise 2nre: Death metal
Origin: Lausanne, Switzerland
Active since: 1998
Connections: Sounds of Fury, Murge, Eternal Flight, Flesh and Blood, Near Death Condition, Legaside
Current members:
Thibaud – Vocals
– Bass
Nicolas – Guitar
Dario – Guitar
Axel – Drums
DarkRise Facebook
DarkRise Official Website and Their Stuff

DarkRise is one of those bands that are out there doing their job but for some reason you never get to know them. Until the moment you get a glimpse of their work by coincidence and when that happens, you keep asking yourself how the hell did they manage to stay hidden from you all this time. DarkRise is around for 20 years, 20 years of doing kick ass death metal that unfortunately was discovered by me only recently…

Simple math operation shows that the story of this band starts in 1998 in Lausanne. During 20 years of existence the line-up changed a few times, leaving the bass player Wil as the only original member of the band. In these 20 years, DarkRise released one demo and 5 full length albums so there is a lot of their work to catch up with, if you are a new fan like me. Already “Built”, their third full length album that was released in 2009 got a lot of good reviews and brought more recognition to the band. The following album “Realeyes” released in 2013 repeated this trend. Two years ago DarkRise released their newest piece “Fear, Hate and Corruption” that so far gathered the biggest number of reviews.

dark rice xd

Fear! Hate! Corruption! Dark rice!

In general, “Fear, Hate and Corruption” is a really good piece of modern death metal spiced up with technicality and thrash. The opening track “Do or Die” begins with a melodic intro just to brutally slap you in the face few seconds after. The momentum of this strike is not lost until the end of the album and keeps you awake with the unpredictable yet harmonic and brutal sounds. This makes these 45 minutes of an album a gluttonous feast, composed of juicy meat that death metal lovers can chew on with delight. The drumming is intense, guitars are melodic and complex. Grinding bass is not only keeping everything together but is often brought to the first plane. In “Just Before” song we can enjoy short but memorable bass solo.  All this is completed with vocals that inhumanly roar with anger. If you are a fan of Cannibal Corpse or Nile, you will dig this album, trust me. You can find it on youtube, but if you first want to give it a quick try, here is an opening track, which will give you an idea about the overall taste of this album:

Beside the Cannibal Corpse, DarkRise is strongly influenced by bands such as Behemoth, Slayer or Exodus with whom they even managed to share the stage! They also played with other great bands like  Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under, Fear Factory, aforementioned Nile and many more. Now to this already impressive list you can add Napalm Death whom they will support on 22nd of November in Manoir Pub in Saint Maurice! It’s going to be a blast!

November events


November? Gloomy photo shoot season for black metallers is open!

The most sinister ambiance of the year can be a powerful inspiration to some ghastly photos… Try that to fight your seasonal depression and if your nose gets cold, warm yourself on a heated gig.

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Bar, Bug Baum [country doom, post noise rock] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: Lunch [punk rock] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Lantern, Oregon Trail [screamo, hardcore] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé: Exsom, Drunk Enough To Dance [heavy metal, hardcore] event info
Bulle, Ebullition Festival de Poutres: Minsk, Zatokrev [post metal, sludge] event info

Martigny, Sunset Bar: Primal Age, AM:PM [hardcore, deathcore] event info
Lausanne, Espace Autogere: Ruinas, Ocaso [stenchcore, neocrust] event info
Bulle, Ebullition Festival de Poutres: Promethee, Challenger, The Dali Thundering Concept, Akantha [hardcore, mathcore] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Frana [punk rock] event info
Geneve, Undertown: Goatfather, Stoneforge, Hey Satan [stoner rock] event info
Fribourg, Fri-Son: Hubeskyla, Leopardo [psychedelic, math-craut-rock] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: YOB, Wiegedood [doom metal, atmospheric black metal] event info
Bulle, Ebullition Festival de Poutres: Abraham, Set and Setting, Future Usses [post metal, doom] event info
Lausanne, The Rockies: Sons of Morpheus, Exsom [blues rock, heavy metal] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: The Bastards [punk] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé: Continental Band, Fell’Oz, Dead Spoon [rock’n’roll, punk rock, blues rock] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Divine Shade [darkwave] event info

Geneve, Undertown: Agnostic Front, The PFK [hardcore] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Endless Boogie [psychedelic] event info

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde: JC Satan, Jessica 93, Fat Wang [punk rock garage] event info
Geneve, Undertown: Infected Rain, Fallcie, Deux ex Machina [metalcore, metal] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Bloodlost, Mission in Black [thrash metal, metal] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Nashville Pussy, Worry Blast [hard rock, rock’n’roll] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé Greenfield Foundation Tour 2018: Defender, Uberyou, Polar Circles, Ultima Ratio [post hardcore, punk rock, rock] event info
Geneve, L’Arcade aux Grottes: Stortregn, Geisterwald, Atomizator [blackened death, industrial, thrash] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Flayst, Deus ex Machina [melodic death metal, metal] event info
Fribourg, Fri-Son: Papaya Fuzz, The Anomalys, Trash K-Stor [garage punk, punk] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: JC Satan, Jessica 93 [garage rock] event info
Geneve, Arena: Nightwish [symphonic metal] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Nashville Pussy, Worry Blast [hard rock, rock’n’roll] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Skampida [ska, rock] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: Powerwolf, Amaranthe, Kissin’Dynamite [power metal, metalcore, glam metal] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Dark Buddha Rising, Fuoco Fatuo, Sam Haven [doom, drone] event info
Fribourg, Fri-Son: Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted, Cytotoxin [death metal] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: Brant Bjork [stoner] event info

St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Sirenia, Triosphere, Dawnless, Paratra, Season of Tears [symphonic metal] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé: Bottle Hymn, Burn the Beauty Queen [heavy metal, stoner rock] event info
Lausanne, The Rockies: Continental [rock’n’roll] event info

St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Absolva, Chainer, Neos [heavy metal] event info

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde: Anna Calvi [rock] event info
Vevey, Rocking Chair: Mudhoney, Please the Trees, WTF Bijou [grunge] event info
Moudon, Les Prisons: Unfold, Beyond the Styx, Henriette B [hardcore, metalcore] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: Bolzer, Hathors [black metal, noise rock] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: Idles, John [punk rock] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: The Devils [trash rock’n’roll] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock Never Say Die: Being as an Ocean, Northlane, Alazka, Casey, Polar, Currents, Thousand Below [metalcore] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: The Hi-Lites [garage post punk] event info

St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Napalm Death, Cremation, DarkRise [grindcore, death metal] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Pro-Pain, Blasted [hardcore, metal] event info

Lausanne, Bleu Lezard: The Peacocks [rockabilly] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Elephants, Wrensh [hardcore] event info
Martigny, Sunset Bar: Hathors, Staff, The Newgate’s Knocker [rock] event info

Martigny, Sunset Bar: La Muerte, Unfold, Mystic Sons [rock, hardcore] event info
Vevey, Petit Leman: Dux, Tyrmfar, Sulfure [black metal, thrash metal] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: Broken Bridge [garage rock] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Redeem/ Revive, Resolve, Inhumane Existence [post hardcore, death metal] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Rendez-Vous, Buzz Kull, Future Faces [post punk, darkwave, coldwave] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Cooper, Crankcase [punk rock] event info

Fribourg, Nouveau Monde: Canailles, The Goon Mar, Lord Benardo [bluegrass, blues trash] event info
St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Finntrol, Norvhar, Vaalnor [folk metal] event info


20452013_1380947601959154_4948229179608188591_oGenre: Melodic blackened death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2005
Connections: Brokenhead, Hypocras, Versus
Current members:
Romain – Vocals
Johan – Guitar, backing vocals
Duran – Guitar
Sam – Drums
Manuel – Bass, backing vocals
Stortregn Facebook
Stortregn BandCamp
Stortregn official Website

This is getting complicated… It’s absolutely awesome when genres are mixed and a band is able to use all of the advantages offered by a certain type of metal, spice it up with features offered by an additional type and finally polish it with another, different style of music. Brilliant. Extremely difficult for a bloggers to describe though… Say hi to Stortregn – a band from Geneva that mixes black metal with death metal, decorates it with melody and some progressive elements.

Despite the generally brutal musical direction that this band took, their name is pretty romantic if you ask me. “Stortregn”, or actually “störtregn”, means downpour in Swedish and it’s definitely not the only Scandinavian influence that this formation is carrying. But let’s start from the beginning. In 2005 Divine Smile was born, the band that was the foundation of Addict Repulsion, which in 2006 was renamed to Stortregn and stayed like to date. As usually, the line up has changed several times within these few years, but Romain and Johan remained as the founders and the only original members of the band.

During the 13 years of existence Stortregn released one demo in 2007, an EP in 2008 and four full length albums, including their newest baby “Emptiness Fills the Void” from this year. Already their EP got a lot of positive reviews but all of the other releases that followed, were gaining even more recognition not only locally but practically worldwide.


They used to put pig’s blood on their faces before each gig, they stopped for the mysterious reason…

“Emptiness Fills the Void” got so many good reviews all over the Internet, that there is not much left for me to say… What I found particularly interesting, is that Stortregn managed to trick pretty much all of the reviewers with this album. Some of them hear a strong influence of traditional heavy metal, some hear clear romance with progressive metal, most of them recognise Nordic black metal echoes, others sense Scandinavian melodeath and few managed to spot tech elements. Despite the huge differences in the genre detection (because it’s complicated not only for me apparently), all of the reviews were positive and very enthusiastic. Stortregn, you are doing your metal alchemy right.

I can only join this community of “Stortregn positive reviews writers”, and I will do it with pleasure. Fantastic solos, enchanted melodies, fast tempo and versatile vocals are the highlights of this album. Different landscapes unfold in the 50 minutes journey of “Emptiness Fills the Void” and since the music itself extracts a lot of elements from various genres, these landscapes are vivid and full of details. All of this is build on the solid foundation of aggressive tempo and intense riffs. Diverse vocals settling the mood and splendid solos are also definitely a huge advantage of this album. Here you have the closing track, where the lyrical subject finally passes through the dark gates that are mentioned in this album quite often…

If you are a fan of Marduk, Thulcandra, Dissection, Dawn or Sacramentum, you should enjoy Stortregn, since the influence of these bands is clear in their compositions. But as I already wrote, you can find Stortregn music surprising and chances of  detecting some interesting yet different and unexpected elements in their compositions are quite high… If you want to see them live, keep an eye on them because they may roam around. Unless you don’t mind travelling. Then check their tour dates with Marduk. Yes, this Marduk – Stortregn is on fire!

Science of Disorder

science of disorderGenre: Oldern Bastard Metal (Groove metal, Death metal)
Origin: Lausanne, Switzerland
Active since: 1989 as Soulless, 2011 as Science of Disorder
Connections: Sybreed, Promethee, Trailer Park Massacre, Your Own Decay, Blastage, Furia, Ever Since, MXD
Current members:
Jerome – Vocals
Lord Pelthor – Guitar
Baptiste – Drums
Stephane – Guitar and vocals
Science of Disorder Facebook
Science of Disorder BandCamp

I must admit, that I had an idea of writing about Science of Disorder in the back of my head since a few months already. I saw them live more than half a year ago on their release party of “Private Hell” album and I was stunned. I remember asking myself back then “why aren’t they more popular!?”. Today they are conquering the music charts outside of Switzerland and I am sure they are not going to slow down any time soon. I am pleased to introduce Science of Disorder – a band from Lausanne that describes itself as an Oldern Bastard Metal band…

The history of this band is rather long… Science of Disorder is built on the foundation of another band, named Soulless. The story starts in 1989, which for most of the young people today seems to be almost as far back in time as prehistory. Back then, in the shadow of these ancient times, Soulless, a band, which was flirting with thrash, death and gothic metal,  was born. After releasing two demos and two full albums, Soulless was put on hold in 2002 and reactivated and renamed into Science of Disorder after several years in 2007. The new reveal of this formation was directed much more towards death and groove metal than its predecessor.


Fingers of Disorder

The band under the name Science of Disorder released two full length albums, “Heart, Blood and Tears…” from 2011 and the aforementioned “Private Hell” from this year. The latter one gathered really good reviews across Europe and was listed on the international charts taking really high scores! Well deserved gents, well deserved.

I personally think that “Private Hell” is the best album of Science of Disorder so far. It’s a nice blend of death and groove metal that flirts sometimes with slower and heavier genres, even touching sometimes the surface of sludge. The album sounds aggressive but this fury is delivered mostly though hoarse, growly vocals and steady persistent bass lines rather than the fast tempo. Actually, the pace of the songs is just perfect to enjoy all of the elements – impressive vocal range of the singer, catchy riffs, captivating melodies and the gloomy atmosphere. “Private Hell” is focused mostly on the mental illnesses, talking about depression (Carrions) and struggle over the control of life (Choke). At least this is my interpretation of the lyrics, which make the whole album even more somber and intense for me. In this song, Science of Disorder takes you to the mental asylum and shows the fear, confusion and anger of the patient:

So far Science of Disorder shared the stage with bands like Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Sadus, Samael, Megadeth or Entombed. They are really on fire now, so I am sure this list will grow quickly… The band is busy now with touring and promoting their work outside Switzerland, but keep an eye on them. When they are back they may give a gig for the local audience and delight it once again.

October events


In the merciless North, lamb sacrifices you.

Nights after the equinox become longer and longer. Enjoy the atmosphere and awesome gigs that await you!

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Stony Sugarskull [psychedelic goth] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Tragical History Tour [folk punk] event info

Geneve, La Makhno: Niege Morte, Euglena [black metal] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Far from Alaska, Ripstone [rock] event info

Lausanne, Bleu Lezard: The Doors Revival [rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: Part Chimp Orso [rock, noise rock] event info
Geneve, Champmeslé: Bleed Again, Monsutā [metal, nu-metal] event info

Vevey, Rocking Chair: The Soft Moon, Veil of Light [post punk] event info
Meyrin, Undertown: The Hellfreaks, Komodo 3000, Velvet Fish [punk rock, blues rock] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: The Battle Borns [rock] event info

Montreux, Ned Music Club, Metal Retaliation: AM:PM, Algebra, Norvhar, Battle Tales, Divergency [death metal, thrash metal, folk metal, metalcore] event info
Geneve, La Makhno: Ultra Razzia, Tulamort, Sous Escorte [oi punk] event info
Geneve, Salle du Terrau: Provler, Blown, Hope [hardcore] event info
Geneve, ABARC: Back to the Ocean, Buried Skies, Oaxaca, Krown [hardcore, metal core, rock] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Varukers, Coupe-Gorge, Psychropore [punk, punk hardcore] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Leng Tch’e, Kess’khtak, Grilled Flesh Party [grindcore, death metal] event info

Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Conjoctive, Circle of Exectution, Murge, Maestrick [metalcore, death metal, rock progressive] event info

Martigny, Sunset Bar: Nostromo, Ruptured [grindcore, hardcore] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Darjeeling Opium, Angry Sometimes [rock hardcore, punk rock] event info

Martigny, Caves du Manoir: Wo Fat, Sasquatch, Mystic Sons [psychedelic blues doom, stoner metal, stoner rock] event info
Geneve, Undertown: Sargeist, Chaos Invocation, Acrimonious [black metal, death metal] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Desert Mountain Tribe [rock psychedelic] event info

Lausanne, Les Docks: Halestorm, Devilskin [hard rock] event info
Lausanne, Theatre 2.21: The Crotals [stoner sludge] event info
Yverdon, L’Amalgame: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paradiso U.F.O, Zayk, Exmoor [rock psychedelic] event info
Martigny, Caves du Manoir: The Fuzztones, The Revox, Les Envahisseurs [garage punk, garage rock] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Ascenders, Bottle Hymn (tribute to Manowar) [heavy rock, heavy metal] event info
St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Vader, Entombed, The Modern Age Slavery, Mortuary [death metal] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Partout Partout, Golden Oriole, Gaute Granli [math rock tribal, electronic indus, noise] event info
Geneve, Urgence Disc: Off the Wagon [post punk] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Fvss Popvli [psychedelic rock] event info
Yverdon, L’Amalgame: The Young Gods, Emilie Zoe [rock] event info

Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock: Killing Joke, Turbowolf [post punk, industrial rock, hard rock] event info

Friebourg, Le Nouveau Monde: Reaptile, Invouta, Falcifer, Buryme [sludge, doom, drone] event info
St. Maurice, Manoir Pub: Forgotten Tomb, The Abbys Order, Serpens Lumnis [black metal, doom metal] event info
Yverdon, Citrons Masques: Chaoseum, November 7, Dead Dog Cafe [metalcore, indus metal] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: Silly Walk [punk rock] event info

Geneve, Urgence Disc: II [dark wave] event info

Geneve, Kalvingrad: Mini-Jupe, The Nurse and the Six Burns [noise rock, rock] event info
Lausanne, Le Romandie: Bambara, Grey Lips [post punk, rock] event info

Freiburg, Le Nouveau Monde: The Doorknobs, Slift [rock garage, psychedelia] event info
Yverdon, Citron Masques: Exsom, Ultima Ratio [heavy metal, rock] event info


Gnansisenre: Black – death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2008
Connections: Eggs of Gomorrh, Distrip, Destronork, Claws, Amok, Claw, Deadly Sin Orgy, Gronde, Stortregn, Destronork
Current members:
Haître – Vocals
Assunaaq – Bass
INVN – Guitar
Jean – Drums
– Guitar
Nansis Facebook
Nansis BandCamp
Nansis WebPage

A lot of time has passed since I wrote about a black metal band. Finally, I found something for the fans of the hidden underground treasures. This one will amuse you with its bewitching sounds and intense atmosphere. Meet Nansis – an underground black metal formation from Geneve.

This project was started by INVN in 2008 and functioned under the name Horizon for one year, until the arrival of the next member – Haître. After joining the project, he took care of the singing and lyrics. The formation was renamed to Nansis and later on welcomed on board next horde members. After some minor changes, since 2013, the line up is fixed and constant. So far, Nansis released a demo album “Exorde” in 2012 and a split record with Serpens Luminis and Haruspex “Usque Ad Sideras et Usque Ad Inferos” in 2017.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 21.33.07

Exorde means introduction. Great, now give as another chapter.

“Exorde” got quite a few praising reviews, pointing at the potency of this formation, that may be a big part of the future black metal scene in Switzerland. For sure, their entry to the underground scene was smooth and successful. “Exorde” contains 6 pieces that talk about the war, Satan and the humanity downfall. The lyrics depict desolated and destroyed landscapes or war horrors. All this is accompanied with the haunting and cold, yet bewitching and captivating atmosphere. Neat melodies woven into distorted and heavy guitar sounds, along with the piercing vocals makes it an overall sharp and complete work.

In the split album you can find three new songs. I wish there were more, because since 2012, this formation improved a lot. Even though the atmosphere and the character of these three new compositions are resembling the ones on the demo, the new pieces are faster and more aggressive. Anyway, if you are a fan of underground black metal, I strongly recommend you to listen to both titles. For kicks, here is “Goat Irrumation” from the split album:

It is worth mentioning that Nansis is a Sumerian word that means “eclipse” or “world of darkness”, so the group is somewhat inspired by the ancient mystic mythology. The bass player of Nansis, Assunaaq, happens to also be the professional graphic designer. She took care to nicely depict Sumerian influences on the demo cover. Beside that, the group is also inspired by the bands like Endstille, Negator, Behexen, Aosoth, Hetroertzen or Irkallian Oracle.

Right now, Nansis plan to play live here and there, and starting from 2019 focus on the new album. It would be great, really guys, just do it.

If you like this horde, keep an eye on them, the potential here is big and they are surely promising!