Iron Maiden Fun Facts

Heavy metal legend is coming to Geneve on 26.06.2018 with their Legacy of the Beast Tour! If you never had an opportunity to see Iron Maiden live, now may be a good moment. British idols will play on 26.06.18 and you can get your tickets for example here.

iron maiden

Iron Maiden exist for already more than 40 years and is still on fire! Just in 2015 they released their 16th studio album “The Book of Souls”, this is hell of a lot material!

To celebrate their arrival, Rocktato prepared 6 (almost number of the Beast) fun facts about this legendary group:

1.Devoted fans

Iron Maiden fans are known to be very loyal and engaged in the band career.  They are also numerous – just Facebook page of Iron Maiden has 13.6 millions of likes! You can compare this number to Switzerland’s population (almost 8.5 millions of people)… Beside that, there are countless fan clubs… If you want to join one, here is a page dedicated to Iron Maiden fans in the french speaking part of Switzerland – Swiss Iron Maiden Fans.
Of course in such a big number of people you will find some very colourful and unique ones, like Marcus Motolo which is a Brazilian priest with more than 170 tattoos dedicated to the band:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania marcos motolo

“And please, let the next gig be in my hometown”

Beside that, at least one kid was named after the band: Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz, which was born to a Bolivian couple last year. There is also one known case of changing the name to Iron Maiden by an adult, which was done by Kalil Silva who introduces himself now as Iron Maiden Kalil Silva. That’s devotion!

2. Plane

Just in case Bruce Dickinson wouldn’t be cool enough, he is also an airline pilot. Buses are too lame, Iron Maiden is using a Boeing 747 for reaching their tour destinations. Of course, it is Bruce who is piloting. The aircraft is called Ed Force One after Eddie – the bands mascot and this is how it looks:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania ed force one

“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are now crossing the Empire of the Clouds and may experience some heavy metal turbulences. Please return to drinking your beer and keep head banging. Thank you.”

Staff working as flight attendants have their outfit designed specially so it matches the aircraft paintwork and the band character. How cool is that?!

3. Eddie

Eddie is a well recognised band mascot, which is appearing on the most of the band’s albums. He is keeping the company to the the band since the 80s and after so many years he became one of the most popular metal icons in the world. He was pictured as psychopathic killer, asylum patient after lobotomy, Egyptian pharaoh, cyborg… He proved to be a very versatile object that can fit to any given circumstances. He was pictured by various artists, however the characteristic features of Eddie were never changed.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania eddy iron maiden

One of the most iconic picture of Eddie comes from “The Trooper” from 1983.

More of Eddie’s representations you can find for example here.

4. The Iron Maidens

Most of the popular bands sooner or later are followed by cover bands. These kind of groups are usually formed by fans as a tribute to the musicians. Fan base of Iron Maiden is huge so you can expect proportional number of tribute bands. One of the most popular cover bands for Iron Maiden are Hi-On Maiden, Made In Iron, The Powerslaves, Up The Irons, Prowlers, Iron Maidnem, Iron Maiden Revival and the all-female group The Iron Maidens:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania the iron maidens

Do not Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, bring her to the gig!

So if the original Iron Maiden is far away, just look for these bands, they are also touring here and there. Maybe they will pass by your hometown too.

5. Beer

Most of us like beer. If you are reading this post you probably like metal too. Iron Maiden combined these two elements into pure treasure – Trooper ale:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania trooper beer

Hard rock flavors and heavy metal notes from a unique blend. That’s brewtal!

It was introduced in 2013 and millions of pints of that beverage was bought and consumed pretty much right away. Many different variants of this beer were developed after the initial success so now you can enjoy it in for example porter or Belgian style version. The original ale was rated on 3/5 on (you can check it here) but you can easily find this beverage in many pubs in Switzerland so you can taste and judge it for yourself.

6. Video Games

Making the music, beer and piloting the plane may not be enough from Beasts from the Iron Maiden. Their artistic inspiration found the vent in video games productions too. They released shooter “Ed the Hunter” in 1999 and 8-bit climb-n-dodge “Speed of Light” in 2015. Both are arcade style games and you can try the latter one for free HERE, which I strongly recommend because it’s just pure fun. In 2016 they released another game named “Legacy of the Beast” which is RPG type of game. To no surprise, Eddie is the main character in all cases. Here you can watch the gameplay trailer of “Legacy of the Beast”:


Now you can wait for their gig playing the game with a Trooper on your side!


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9.05.2018 Lausanne, Les Docks

A quite interesting event will take place in Les Docks soon. Amenra – the post metal band and Myrkur – a controversial metal solo project, will share the stage on May 09th.

Image result for amenra myrkur

There are probably many genres of metal which could describe the music style of Amenra – post metal, sludge metal, doom metal, post hardcore, down tempo… It is definitely not easy to label these Belgian folks. Amenra was formed in 1999 by vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout together with guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove. They released 6 studio albums and 2 EPs until now. Their music theme was nicely described once by Colin, who himself said: “[…] We have one story to tell and it is always the same. I always write about life’s pain. […]”. I had an opportunity to see them live before; however, what I saw was Amenra Acoustic, so the gig was much calmer than expected, I’d say even spiritual. I admit, it was particular and unexpected experience. Most of the concerts blend in my memories, but this gig was definitely special and I can recall it almost fully even after one year. This time, there is no “Acoustic” appendix so it may be different… Here you can watch the videoclip from their newest album Mass VI, which was released last year:

Both, Colin and Mathieu have their solo projects beside Amenra – Chve and Syndrome respectively, both are kept in the similar Amenr-ish tone so if you crave for more, you know where to look.

Myrkur is a very controversial solo project done by a danish artist, Amalie Bruun. She released her first EP in 2014 and since then, she became the centre of a dispute regarding her place on the metal stage. For some reason her music was, and I think still is, labelled as black metal (rather wrongly, in my personal opinion). This irritated black metal elitists and triggered a lot of hate, including death threats, towards Amalie. The fact that she used to do pop music before metal, does not help. You can read about the whole controversy here and there on the Internet. Despite the huge hate she’s receiving, there is still a big group of supporters who consider her music as fresh and brilliant spark in the metal realm. Regardless of how she is portrayed by both sides of the argue, her voice is very pleasant to listen and she surely knows her stuff. Also, no one can say, she doesn’t know how to drag attention to her music. Here you can listen to one of the songs from her newest album named Mareridt, which came out last year, so you can judge for yourself wether you like it or not… or even better, go to her gig and see her live performance to get a better picture:


If you feel like experiencing something atmospheric and spiritual, this event might suit you very well…


With love,


10.04.2018 Geneve, Post Tenebras Rock

Oh, I have been waiting for this event a really long time! I already saw Trivium live last year in Lausanne and after that gig I became their huge fan.


Always funny.

I totally recommend you going to this gig and see them live, all the more, other awesome bands will play along that evening. Let’s try and convince you with a brief introduction to the performing bands.


Trivium is an American group formed in 1999 in Orlando. Their lead singer and guitarist Matt Heafy joined the band soon after its formation. What makes this fact so special, is that he was just thirteen years old at that time. Trivium performs different kinds of metal ranging from melodic death metal, metal core and thrash metal giving all of their songs this unique Trivium’s touch. The band released 8 albums until now, including their newest piece from 2017 “Sin and the Sentence”. I really hope they will play a lot of songs from this album because it really kicks ass (like all of their albums…)! So that was trivia about Trivium followed by a very sophisticated pun about the band’s name. Here you can give a try to my favourite song from this album, I hope you will like it as much as I do:

Second band also comes form US – Power Trip was formed in Dallas, Texas. Their first demo was released in 2008 and five other albums followed. Power Trip’s music is taking you on a trip to a land of really powerful thrash (my puns are on fire today!). Their newest album “Nightmare Logic” was released in 2017 and it is mind blowing. Here you have a small sample from this album:

The third band, Venom Prison, comes from UK and it was formed in 2015. Until now they managed to release one demo, one EP and one full length album “Animus”. Venom Prison performs intoxicating death metal and subjugating hardcore (and that was the last pun, I swear). Here you have a music video to one of their songs where you can lent an ear to their awesome music and their talented and charismatic vocalist Larissa Stupar.


I really expect a lot of awesomeness from this event! Hopefully, you will decide to join and share the good vibes and energy, so perhaps see you there!

With love,


28.03.2018 Vevey, Rocking Chair

Vevey will host a very exciting event soon – Betraying the Martyrs is coming to town with a gig. This is one stop on the Still Resilient tour with two other accompanying bands – Modern Day Babilon and From Sorrow to Serenity. Their special guest in Vevey is AM:PM, which I personally adore.

21-180205-BTM EUROPEAN HEADLINER corrected

Lets start with the description.

Betraying the Martyrs is a French band originating from Paris. They create some nice progressive and death metal music. In 2011 they released their debut album “Breathe In Life” which was quite successful. Just last year they released their third album, which is actually the reason of the tour. They describe their new album “The Resilient” as a “definition of a band at its absolute peak”. After such a description I would expect a hell of a show! Here you have a sample:

Another band comes from Czech Republic and was founded in 2010. Modern Day Babylon is an instrumental trio which creates nice chilling music at the edge of ambient and progressive metal. They released 4 albums including “Coma”, a brand new album released this February. Here is an opening track from this album:

From Sorrow to Serenity is a metalcore band formed in 2013 in Glasgow. They released 3 albums until now and their newest piece “Supremacy” was also released in February. You can give a try to the song promoting their new album:

And now last, but not least – AM:PM. I have a huge soft spot for these guys. I saw them live already twice and both times they were amazing. I really recommend going for their live performances. They are super energetic on the stage and look like they truly enjoy the music. This mood spreads to the crowd in no time making the deathcore party really intense! They come from Vevey and in 2016 they released their debut album “Amazing Mega Party Motherfucker”. This is my favourite track from this album, but you can listen to the whole piece here AM:PM awesome album :


with love,


17.03.2018 Geneve L’Usine Urgence Disc

Another event organised under Drone to the Bone flag. This time two Portuguese bands will play in Urgence Disc on 17.03.2018. You can read more here.

Redemptus exists since 2014 and released up to now three albums, including the one from last year “Every Red Hearts Fades to Black”. As they say, their sludge music is about “all the rotten matters of mankind existence” and you can feel it through the heavy tones and dark atmosphere radiating from the speakers. They certainly give the feeling of approaching doom and nullity of all matters. Good job! Right now Redepmtus is on the Cold Heart Tour and the gig in Geneve is another stop on their list. Give them a try with this live record music video:

Another band Cruelist is touring along with Redemptus the whole Cold Heart Tour. They started in 2014 and their music oscillates around hardcore and punk. Here you have a song from their new record “Poison Ivy”:

with love,


14.03.2018 Lausanne Le Romandie

We are approaching the middle of the month and my resolution about describing at least half of the events in March is becoming less and less feasible… This list just keeps growing! From 16 events in the original post, it went up to 24 and this is absolutely fantastic! I wonder if it will reach 30 at some point…

Whether I will fulfil my resolution or not, here is another event description.

This time, one can have fun in Le Romadie in Lausanne where two bands will play – J.C. Satan and Papaya Fuzz. You can read more here: garage rock event

J.C. Satan is a French band founded in 2010 and now they are touring to promote their recently released fifth album “Centaur Desires”. They make very energetic garage rock with some elements of other genres. Here you have a song from their new album (I picked this one because of the excellent title):

Second band, Papaya Fuzz comes from Fribourg. They are making alternative garage rock with a nice scent of punk. You can enjoy their music by listening to their debut album “Get Bye Good High” or their recently released EP “Surf Attack Avenue”… Or going to their gig in Lausanne. Here you have a sample – music video to a song from their debut album:

With love,


14.03.2018 Geneve Pavilon Bleu

If you particularly enjoy slow tempo with heavy and long tones in metal or if you are looking for some experimental bands, Drone to the Bone initiative might be just perfect for you. Drone to the Bone is actually a set of concerts in Geneve which are taking place all over the year since 2010. If you feel like learning more about Drone to the Bone and be updated about shows organised by this initiative visit this site: Drone to the Bone. As in the case of Rocktato, events are popping out all the time so check them regularly if you want to be kept up to date.

On 14th of March in Pavilon Bleu in Geneve there will be one concert organised by Drone to the Bone. There will be only one band playing – Woven Skull. This Irish band realises its psychedelic music since 2010. Here you have more info about the concert: woven skull, and here is a sample of their music:

I bet if you close your eyes on their gig, you will be magically transferred to some enchanted Irish landscape…

with love,