Gedarkrise 2nre: Death metal
Origin: Lausanne, Switzerland
Active since: 1998
Connections: Sounds of Fury, Murge, Eternal Flight, Flesh and Blood, Near Death Condition, Legaside
Current members:
Thibaud – Vocals
– Bass
Nicolas – Guitar
Dario – Guitar
Axel – Drums
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DarkRise is one of those bands that are out there doing their job but for some reason you never get to know them. Until the moment you get a glimpse of their work by coincidence and when that happens, you keep asking yourself how the hell did they manage to stay hidden from you all this time. DarkRise is around for 20 years, 20 years of doing kick ass death metal that unfortunately was discovered by me only recently…

Simple math operation shows that the story of this band starts in 1998 in Lausanne. During 20 years of existence the line-up changed a few times, leaving the bass player Wil as the only original member of the band. In these 20 years, DarkRise released one demo and 5 full length albums so there is a lot of their work to catch up with, if you are a new fan like me. Already “Built”, their third full length album that was released in 2009 got a lot of good reviews and brought more recognition to the band. The following album “Realeyes” released in 2013 repeated this trend. Two years ago DarkRise released their newest piece “Fear, Hate and Corruption” that so far gathered the biggest number of reviews.

dark rice xd

Fear! Hate! Corruption! Dark rice!

In general, “Fear, Hate and Corruption” is a really good piece of modern death metal spiced up with technicality and thrash. The opening track “Do or Die” begins with a melodic intro just to brutally slap you in the face few seconds after. The momentum of this strike is not lost until the end of the album and keeps you awake with the unpredictable yet harmonic and brutal sounds. This makes these 45 minutes of an album a gluttonous feast, composed of juicy meat that death metal lovers can chew on with delight. The drumming is intense, guitars are melodic and complex. Grinding bass is not only keeping everything together but is often brought to the first plane. In “Just Before” song we can enjoy short but memorable bass solo.  All this is completed with vocals that inhumanly roar with anger. If you are a fan of Cannibal Corpse or Nile, you will dig this album, trust me. You can find it on youtube, but if you first want to give it a quick try, here is an opening track, which will give you an idea about the overall taste of this album:

Beside the Cannibal Corpse, DarkRise is strongly influenced by bands such as Behemoth, Slayer or Exodus with whom they even managed to share the stage! They also played with other great bands like  Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under, Fear Factory, aforementioned Nile and many more. Now to this already impressive list you can add Napalm Death whom they will support on 22nd of November in Manoir Pub in Saint Maurice! It’s going to be a blast!



20452013_1380947601959154_4948229179608188591_oGenre: Melodic blackened death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2005
Connections: Brokenhead, Hypocras, Versus
Current members:
Romain – Vocals
Johan – Guitar, backing vocals
Duran – Guitar
Sam – Drums
Manuel – Bass, backing vocals
Stortregn Facebook
Stortregn BandCamp
Stortregn official Website

This is getting complicated… It’s absolutely awesome when genres are mixed and a band is able to use all of the advantages offered by a certain type of metal, spice it up with features offered by an additional type and finally polish it with another, different style of music. Brilliant. Extremely difficult for a bloggers to describe though… Say hi to Stortregn – a band from Geneva that mixes black metal with death metal, decorates it with melody and some progressive elements.

Despite the generally brutal musical direction that this band took, their name is pretty romantic if you ask me. “Stortregn”, or actually “störtregn”, means downpour in Swedish and it’s definitely not the only Scandinavian influence that this formation is carrying. But let’s start from the beginning. In 2005 Divine Smile was born, the band that was the foundation of Addict Repulsion, which in 2006 was renamed to Stortregn and stayed like to date. As usually, the line up has changed several times within these few years, but Romain and Johan remained as the founders and the only original members of the band.

During the 13 years of existence Stortregn released one demo in 2007, an EP in 2008 and four full length albums, including their newest baby “Emptiness Fills the Void” from this year. Already their EP got a lot of positive reviews but all of the other releases that followed, were gaining even more recognition not only locally but practically worldwide.


They used to put pig’s blood on their faces before each gig, they stopped for the mysterious reason…

“Emptiness Fills the Void” got so many good reviews all over the Internet, that there is not much left for me to say… What I found particularly interesting, is that Stortregn managed to trick pretty much all of the reviewers with this album. Some of them hear a strong influence of traditional heavy metal, some hear clear romance with progressive metal, most of them recognise Nordic black metal echoes, others sense Scandinavian melodeath and few managed to spot tech elements. Despite the huge differences in the genre detection (because it’s complicated not only for me apparently), all of the reviews were positive and very enthusiastic. Stortregn, you are doing your metal alchemy right.

I can only join this community of “Stortregn positive reviews writers”, and I will do it with pleasure. Fantastic solos, enchanted melodies, fast tempo and versatile vocals are the highlights of this album. Different landscapes unfold in the 50 minutes journey of “Emptiness Fills the Void” and since the music itself extracts a lot of elements from various genres, these landscapes are vivid and full of details. All of this is build on the solid foundation of aggressive tempo and intense riffs. Diverse vocals settling the mood and splendid solos are also definitely a huge advantage of this album. Here you have the closing track, where the lyrical subject finally passes through the dark gates that are mentioned in this album quite often…

If you are a fan of Marduk, Thulcandra, Dissection, Dawn or Sacramentum, you should enjoy Stortregn, since the influence of these bands is clear in their compositions. But as I already wrote, you can find Stortregn music surprising and chances of  detecting some interesting yet different and unexpected elements in their compositions are quite high… If you want to see them live, keep an eye on them because they may roam around. Unless you don’t mind travelling. Then check their tour dates with Marduk. Yes, this Marduk – Stortregn is on fire!

Science of Disorder

science of disorderGenre: Oldern Bastard Metal (Groove metal, Death metal)
Origin: Lausanne, Switzerland
Active since: 1989 as Soulless, 2011 as Science of Disorder
Connections: Sybreed, Promethee, Trailer Park Massacre, Your Own Decay, Blastage, Furia, Ever Since, MXD
Current members:
Jerome – Vocals
Lord Pelthor – Guitar
Baptiste – Drums
Stephane – Guitar and vocals
Science of Disorder Facebook
Science of Disorder BandCamp

I must admit, that I had an idea of writing about Science of Disorder in the back of my head since a few months already. I saw them live more than half a year ago on their release party of “Private Hell” album and I was stunned. I remember asking myself back then “why aren’t they more popular!?”. Today they are conquering the music charts outside of Switzerland and I am sure they are not going to slow down any time soon. I am pleased to introduce Science of Disorder – a band from Lausanne that describes itself as an Oldern Bastard Metal band…

The history of this band is rather long… Science of Disorder is built on the foundation of another band, named Soulless. The story starts in 1989, which for most of the young people today seems to be almost as far back in time as prehistory. Back then, in the shadow of these ancient times, Soulless, a band, which was flirting with thrash, death and gothic metal,  was born. After releasing two demos and two full albums, Soulless was put on hold in 2002 and reactivated and renamed into Science of Disorder after several years in 2007. The new reveal of this formation was directed much more towards death and groove metal than its predecessor.


Fingers of Disorder

The band under the name Science of Disorder released two full length albums, “Heart, Blood and Tears…” from 2011 and the aforementioned “Private Hell” from this year. The latter one gathered really good reviews across Europe and was listed on the international charts taking really high scores! Well deserved gents, well deserved.

I personally think that “Private Hell” is the best album of Science of Disorder so far. It’s a nice blend of death and groove metal that flirts sometimes with slower and heavier genres, even touching sometimes the surface of sludge. The album sounds aggressive but this fury is delivered mostly though hoarse, growly vocals and steady persistent bass lines rather than the fast tempo. Actually, the pace of the songs is just perfect to enjoy all of the elements – impressive vocal range of the singer, catchy riffs, captivating melodies and the gloomy atmosphere. “Private Hell” is focused mostly on the mental illnesses, talking about depression (Carrions) and struggle over the control of life (Choke). At least this is my interpretation of the lyrics, which make the whole album even more somber and intense for me. In this song, Science of Disorder takes you to the mental asylum and shows the fear, confusion and anger of the patient:

So far Science of Disorder shared the stage with bands like Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Sadus, Samael, Megadeth or Entombed. They are really on fire now, so I am sure this list will grow quickly… The band is busy now with touring and promoting their work outside Switzerland, but keep an eye on them. When they are back they may give a gig for the local audience and delight it once again.


Gnansisenre: Black – death metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2008
Connections: Eggs of Gomorrh, Distrip, Destronork, Claws, Amok, Claw, Deadly Sin Orgy, Gronde, Stortregn, Destronork
Current members:
Haître – Vocals
Assunaaq – Bass
INVN – Guitar
Jean – Drums
– Guitar
Nansis Facebook
Nansis BandCamp
Nansis WebPage

A lot of time has passed since I wrote about a black metal band. Finally, I found something for the fans of the hidden underground treasures. This one will amuse you with its bewitching sounds and intense atmosphere. Meet Nansis – an underground black metal formation from Geneve.

This project was started by INVN in 2008 and functioned under the name Horizon for one year, until the arrival of the next member – Haître. After joining the project, he took care of the singing and lyrics. The formation was renamed to Nansis and later on welcomed on board next horde members. After some minor changes, since 2013, the line up is fixed and constant. So far, Nansis released a demo album “Exorde” in 2012 and a split record with Serpens Luminis and Haruspex “Usque Ad Sideras et Usque Ad Inferos” in 2017.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 21.33.07

Exorde means introduction. Great, now give as another chapter.

“Exorde” got quite a few praising reviews, pointing at the potency of this formation, that may be a big part of the future black metal scene in Switzerland. For sure, their entry to the underground scene was smooth and successful. “Exorde” contains 6 pieces that talk about the war, Satan and the humanity downfall. The lyrics depict desolated and destroyed landscapes or war horrors. All this is accompanied with the haunting and cold, yet bewitching and captivating atmosphere. Neat melodies woven into distorted and heavy guitar sounds, along with the piercing vocals makes it an overall sharp and complete work.

In the split album you can find three new songs. I wish there were more, because since 2012, this formation improved a lot. Even though the atmosphere and the character of these three new compositions are resembling the ones on the demo, the new pieces are faster and more aggressive. Anyway, if you are a fan of underground black metal, I strongly recommend you to listen to both titles. For kicks, here is “Goat Irrumation” from the split album:

It is worth mentioning that Nansis is a Sumerian word that means “eclipse” or “world of darkness”, so the group is somewhat inspired by the ancient mystic mythology. The bass player of Nansis, Assunaaq, happens to also be the professional graphic designer. She took care to nicely depict Sumerian influences on the demo cover. Beside that, the group is also inspired by the bands like Endstille, Negator, Behexen, Aosoth, Hetroertzen or Irkallian Oracle.

Right now, Nansis plan to play live here and there, and starting from 2019 focus on the new album. It would be great, really guys, just do it.

If you like this horde, keep an eye on them, the potential here is big and they are surely promising!



Genre: Scosmosonictoner metal, stoner rock, psychedelic rock
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2012
Connections: BAK XIII, Last Torridas, Apocalypse, Fade, Grounded, Ça Va Chier
Current members:
Dada – Vocals
Bison – Bass
Barbara – Guitar
Moussu – Drums
Zuckignole – Guitar
Cosmosonic Facebook
Cosmosonic BandCamp

Free trip to the outer space and back! No fine prints, no hidden traps, no hoax. All is legal and safe. You just have to sit comfortably in a preferably deep armchair or a sofa, with a beer in your hand and let the Cosmosonic sounds pour down on you from your speakers. But remember to prepare yourself for a big dose of stoner and psychedelia, mind melting and tripping are common side effects of listening to this Genovese band.

Cosmosonic was created in 2012 by a few people of quite different musical origins. The band contains three members of Apocalypse (thrash metal), one member of Last Torridas (alternative) and a singer from BAK XIII (cyberpunk). This mixture turned out to work in an excellent way. Having musicians that are experienced in different music genres, know different styles and have different backgrounds worked perfectly for Cosmosonic. The collaboration is clearly flourishing and the fruit of their joint effort is truly sweet and intoxicating.


On behalf of Cosmosonic I would like to welcome you on board. Please sit back and enjoy the music. Our destination: Tripping.

In 2017 Cosmosonic released their first album named Cosmosonic, which is a good piece of stoner rock at the edge of psychedelia. You can also pick up there a lot of metal influences and, the icing on the cake, Dada’s hoarse and quite aggressive vocals. It’s hard to believe that this is the same person who is also responsible for the cold and mellow vocals of BAK XIII! It sounds like Dada finally unleashed his real vocal potential that was only waiting for a good moment to fully shine. The whole album is a compact piece of 5 songs that definitely ends too quick and makes you press the replay button multiple times… Here you have a sample, a song “Party Spirit” where Dada is kindly inviting you for a ride…

The band is influenced by the whole range of musical genres, from rock and grunge to metal and punk. Cosmosonic is also inspired by the 60s and 70s music. From the lyrical side, they are influenced by Lovecraft’s books and this is nicely captured by the artwork accompanying their music. Besides that, in their songs you can find some philosophical moments where they ponder about life and its aspects. Oh, they also talk about parties.

As a proper psychedelic band, they want to emit some space vibes and I say they totally nailed it! Solid riffs, nice base, great harmony, groovy and heavy sound that melts your brain. What else do you need? For a band from the outer space doing this awesome job, they truly deserve their name, which merges cosmos and sound into one word.

I will finish this post with some good news: Cosmosonic is working on a new record! More music to chill with is on its way… If you want to see them live, come to the CrabCore Fest and enjoy the ride!


The Erkonauts

erkonautsGenre: Progressive metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2014
Connections: Sybreed, Djizoes, Stormfist
Current members:
Ales Campanelli – Bass & Vocals
Los Sebos – Guitars
Fred Di Limoncelli – Guitars
Mathieu Martinazzo – Drums
Erkonauts Facebook
Erkonauts Official Website
Erkonauts BandCamp

Time to talk about another hidden Swiss treasure, that seems to gain a lot of popularity overseas, yet remains quite modestly promoted in their homeland. The Erkonauts toured successfully in USA, China, Japan and East Europe. Reviews of their albums are just soaking with the superlatives and their fans are scattered across the globe. Let’s take a closer look at these guys.

Not so long ago, in 2014, a few guys who used to play in different bands already, decided to do something for fun and started a new project that they would fully enjoy. It seems to work – The Erkonauts turned out to be pretty productive releasing two albums until now: “I did something bad” in 2015 and “I shall forgive” in 2017.  Both of their albums deliver a good piece of progressive metal music, that nicely blends multiple styles yet still remains very firm and complete.

The Erkonauts is supposed to be about touring, gigs, recording and parties. It’s actually hard to believe that, because there is nothing funny about their music. Starting from the lyrics and finishing at the skilful instrument playing, all seems to be too well tuned up to be just for fun. Lyrics are very versatile, well thought and narrate various stories. You can hear some Mayan mythology, story about the fall of Roman Empire or a story about a girl, who went through some serious shit, but it made her even stronger. There are also few songs that are an evidence of a specific kind of humour The Erkonauts have. Titles like “The Great Ass Poopery” or “All Girls Should Die” should be definitely taken with a pinch of salt because these songs turn out to be pretty ironic and surprisingly clever. All this is served with blasting bass riffs, hoarse, yet understandable vocals and catching melodies, that would make you tap your feet and bang your head. After listening to their music myself, I can only join the praising choir of positive reviews:

The Erkonauts are inspired by a whole bunch of bands including Scorpions, Dead Can Dance, Waltari, Def Leppard and also some great Swiss metal bands like Samael or Coroner. This versatile group of bands resounds in their own music, making it entertaining and divergent.

The origin of the band’s name is also worth to mention. It comes from the Erkonos – an intriguing alien that is in the logo of this band. It travels around the world and The Erkonauts keep him company in this peregrination… At least they did, until they dissected him. You can familiarise yourself with this imaginary friend’s detailed anatomy on the cover of the “I Shall Forgive” album. I can fully refer to this idea, after all, I chose a potato for my logo and mascot.


Perhaps Erkonos would forgive, but now he doesn’t have the guts to speak again.

The Erkonauts are on fire now! They think about having another album and for the last few months they had several gigs. Their songs are made to be played live, see it for yourself on the CrabCore Fest – they are a headliner!


Genre: Fkaaratrakt miniolk metal, Viking metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2014
Connections: Flying Peppers, AM:PM, Dr Watson Band, Cân Bardd
Current members:
Marvin Brand – Vocals
Nicolas Sanchez, Yoann Giacomelli & Marty Kohler – Guitars
Gaëtan Reichenbach – Bass
Malo Civelli – Keyboard
Dylan Watson – Drums
Kaatarakt Facebook
Kaatarakt BandCamp

Here’s something for the fans of fantasy tales spiced up with some melodic and epic sounds. Meet Kaatarakt – folk metal band from Geneva, that will make you raise your goblet and cheer for the old gods! Let them take you to the torn and flaming land of Ragnarok and eternal struggle between ice and fire…

Kaatarakt was launched in 2014 but it’s a derivative of Useless 4 – a band that was launched in 2011 by four of the current Kaatarakt members – Gaëtan, Yoann, Nico and Marvin. Back then, the band was doing completely different music by mixing punk and metal together. After three years of playing under the Useless 4 name they decided to move forward and do something more challenging and serious. After meeting Marty they started the project that met their expectations – a folk metal band. Then, next person joining this Viking club was Malo. He turned out to be extremely precious for the band, since he became the main composer and he is the one who starts the whole process of making a new song. The last person joining the band (so far) was Dylan, who takes care of the drums. Kaatarakt has seven members now so if they ever get bored with making the music, they are just enough to start their own Ultimate Frisbee team.

kaatarakt 2

Homo folkummetalum in its natural habitat

Until now they released one demo album “Follow the Raven” from 2016 and fresh, brand new EP “Echoes of the Past” from this year. The latter one got good reviews that were especially praising nice passages between heavier and more melodic parts of the songs that are merging aggressive and delicate side of the folk metal. The tempo is rather fast, but you can still appreciate the melodic side along with the pleasant vocals and epic atmosphere. I personally like how nicely keyboards are woven into the compositions keeping them together, transmitting emotions and guiding the listener into the stories. This one is about the little troll:

Speaking about the stories, as the Viking metal is mostly about the Vikings, the main Kaataratk’s lyrical concept is immersed in the Norse Mythology and Eddas. In their EP you can listen about the end of the world which is devoured by chaos, ice and battles. You will be carried away by the epic stories that will unfold in front of you as the music goes. Each song makes slightly different impression, varying between the epic battle hymns and drinking songs. I started a mighty quest to bring myself some mead while listening to them…

Musicians from Kaatarakt are influenced by bands such as Finntroll, Tyr, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Northland, Nightcreepers, Equilibrium or Wintersun. They are very promising and clearly enjoying their music. I bet their gigs are fun! You will have a chance to see it for yourself on the CrabCore Fest. I hope the stage will be big enough…