Genre: Demurge2ath metal
Origin: Geneva, Switzerland
Active since: 2017
Connections: Tzitzimime, Nansis, Agonir, Sedative, Gronde, Incrüst, Darkrise, Mathilde, Norvhar
Current members:
Alessia – vocals
Nico – guitar
Chamo – guitar
Yannick – bass
Axel – drums

Murge Facebook
Murge BandCamp
Murge Official Site

Bio: I am truly happy to present you a new find that has very recently emerged from the dust and the shadow of Geneva city. This is a very fresh project that has dragged my attention just by an accident when I stumbled across one of their YT video, and let me tell you, this piece completely blown me away! But let’s start from the beginning…

Don’t get the wrong impression, even though this band is relatively new, it consists from the very experienced musicians who used to play in many different bands before. In fact, some of them are still keeping their other projects active and you can check them out by looking at the “Connections” list that you can find above. They started composing and playing together in 2016 and all they missed back then, was a vocalist for which they were intensively looking. In 2017 they found a true gem! It was when Alessia Mercado came to the audition and unleashed her vocal skills on the rest of the band. It was a moment when Murge gained and an excellent vocalist that perfectly meets the band’s profile. Jackpot!

That was a kick off moment for the group, they finally started to perform live and record some of their compositions. It went really fast! These guys are super focused and they know what they want and how to get it. They already shared the stage with Exodus and Cryptopsy – such an impressive progress for a band that’s around for less than two years! Here you can see the music video recorded on one of their gigs, this is also the one that I mentioned at the beginning:

The lyrics are written by Alessia. She doesn’t have any general concept before. What she does, is listening to the ready instrumental parts and then writing the lyrics, which were inspired by it. Music of Murge is strongly influenced by the bands like Deeds of Flesh, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation and Suffocation. No surprise, that Alessia is often composing her songs about the killers, decay and gloomy places, that you don’t wish to visit.

murge 1

But you should definitely visit the venues with their gigs.

I find quite important to mention the origin of the name. If you don’t know french very well, like me, you may not know what murge means. This word is used to describe a process of getting drunk in an extreme way until the black out. Murge makes your whole body ache on the next day. Since all of the band members love beer, vine and other alcoholic beverages as well as partying hard and enjoying the life in “there is no tomorrow” way, they found this name to be perfect. Hangover after murge feels like a slap in the face or a tank driving up and down your body. This is the feeling they want to transmit to their audience.

If you like Murge stay tuned because they are going to register their EP at the end of the year. Right now, they are focused on the live shows so you can catch them performing here and there. Feel the urge to follow murge!


Changes, changes, changes

Hey hey hey!

Since few days Rocktato has been under maintenance, some changes were applied to make the navigation easier. I must admit that WordPress was making it hard for me sometimes but finally we managed to achieve some sort of consensus in the end.

Let me introduce you to some of the improvements.
You probably already noticed that the theme of the page is much different, not only the colour changed but the whole layout. Now the menu is on the left side and it is always visible, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top anymore to fetch it.
Next thing, I have a tendency to hide valuable info within extensive writing about random stuff and I do understand that not everyone wants to go through it just to find the right event on the list. Therefore, another significant change was applied – the new option in menu named ‘Calendarium‘ where only posts with listed events are gathered. Also, I think the experiment I did in March worked for all of us. Reading my descriptions of the events is still possible either by clicking the correct option in the ‘What would you like to know’ menu –  (bottom left panel) or clicking on the hyperlinks (highlighted names of the bands) on the page with listed events.
I also added an ‘Archives’ menu, so if you ever feel like digging out some old stuff, you are more than welcome to go through my nicely sorted previous posts.

I am sure that these are not final changes. I will still work on improving this site, so don’t be surprised if one day nothing works or everything looks different. I am probably messing up with this site again.

The ultimate goal is to spread the information about live music events and you are an important element of this chain so your feedback is much appreciated. If you have any suggestions how to improve Rocktato, please contact me or leave a comment.

Meanwhile enjoy the spring and good music.

With love,


Let’s get this party started!

I wish I already wrote something to break the ice… Oh, there it is, I did that!

Welcome! Let me briefly introduce myself: I am a simple metal head who got a little bit weary about the fact, that one have to do some serious browsing  in search for metal related events in Lausanne and neighbourhood. The idea of creating this place came to me after sending another “brief newsletter” with info about upcoming concerts to my friends. “Hey, why don’t I put it in a public space?” I thought. “Maybe there are more people looking for just one site which would bring most of the information together?” I thought. “What if they are also looking for some more details? Like for example a brief description of performing bands?” I thought as well. So here we are.

From now on, I will present on this site all metal and rock related events that I found in Lausanne and area. Here you can read all summarised information that I gathered by checking websites of the clubs, reading tour announcements and following site (which is great!).

Welcome again and let me be your guide…